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Did some Americans want to be in WWII

yes, pre pearl harbor, some americans did want to be in WWII

Free World Association

formed in June 1941. sought American entry into WWII

Freedom House

formed in 1941. Prestigious membership, said that defeating Nazis was essential to freedom. They staged rally in NYC saying its fun to be free

four freedoms

the four freedoms were stated in the 1941 state of the union address. 1) Freedom of Speech 2) Freedom of Worship 3) Freedom from Fear 4) Freedom from want. They said that these freedoms should be enjoyed worldwide

Four freedoms and worldwide new deal

the freedoms were liberal, they said that they new deal should be spread.

Freedoms from fear


freedoms of speech and worship

opposed to nazism, this expanded into even schools, meaning that kids were not forced to say the pledge of allegiance. This made a more open patriotism

Freedom from Want

most ambiguous of 4 freedoms and the most meaningful. Need for security demanded government responsibility for employment, standard of living

office of war information

4 freedoms open to interpretation, established in 1942 to mobilize public opinion. It was controlled by the dems "People's war for freedom" OWI used radio, film and print to give meaning to WWII. Promised postwar world would be more equal and they sounded like the new deal.

ambiguity with the four freedoms

wars meaning for non whites was unclear, segregation still entrenched, Asians still barred from immigration/citizenship, mexican americans became non white in 1930

Bracero Program

founded in 1942, temporary contract labor program. There was a backlash in 1943, Zoot Suit riots in LA


feds included Germans and Italians in war effort, every Japanese American was potential spy. Fear of invasion prompted FDR to remove all Japanese from west coast. over 120,000 J-A's removed from homes in 1942. There was no public protest against this.

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