Study Guide for Arthurian Legends Chapter 6

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On the vigil of what Feast Day does the woman on the sweaty horse ride into King Arthur's dining hall?

On the Vigil of Pentecost (Whit Sunday)

What is a vigil?

The night before a holy day.

In the Christian calendar, when does Pentecost occur?

50 days after Easter

What two events does the Christian Pentecost celebrate?

Descent of the holy spirit on the disciples gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem. Birthday of the Christian Church

For whom does the woman on the sweaty horse ask when she rides into King Arthur's dining hall?


On whose behalf does the woman on the sweaty horse ride into King Arthur's dining hall?

For king Pelles

Who is upset that Sir Lancelot is riding out of Camelot with a gentlewoman on a sweaty horse?

Queen Guinevere

What does the woman on the sweaty horse promise about Sir Lancelot's return?

That he will return tomorrow by dinner time.

Where does the woman on the sweaty horse take Sir Lancelot?

An Abby of nuns in the forest outside Camelot.

What is an abbey?

A monetary headed by an abbot if it is a monastery of men or Abbess if it is a of women

When Sir Lancelot is led into the Abbess's chamber, what does he find?

Sir Bors and Sir Lionel were asleep on the bed.

Who are Sir Bors and Sir Lionel?

Knights who were cousins of Sir Lancelot.

Who is the Abbess of the abbey of nuns in the forest?

She is king Pelles' sister

Whom did a delegation of twelve nuns bring into the Abbess's chamber to meet Sir Lancelot?


Why was Galahad at the abbey of nuns?

After Galahads birth king Pelles sent his to be raised by his sister the Abbess

How was Galahad described by the narrator?

He was exceedingly handsome and well-built; throughout the entire world, men might not find his equal: and all those ladies wept to see him.x

Why were the nuns getting rid of Galahad?

He had reached the age of puberty and could no longer live in an abbey of nuns.

Who is Galahad's father?

Sir Lancelot

What did the nuns want Sir Lancelot to do with Galahad?

Make him a night

Who knighted Galahad when he was twelve years old?

Sir Lancelot

When was Galahad knighted?

When he was twelve On Pentecost prime just after dawn

Why did Galahad not accompany Sir Lancelot, Sir Bors, and Sir Lionel back to Camelot on the morning of his knighthood?

The stated reason was that he did not want to go at that time. He wanted to make a grand entrance into Arthur's court

After Sir Lancelot, Sir Bors, and Sir Lionel celebrate Pentecost with King Arthur and the other knights, what did they find in the seats of the Round Table?

The name of every night was written in gold letters in the seat of his chair.

What was written in the Seat Perilous?

Four hundred and fifty-four winters after the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, this seat ought to be filled

What happens to people who sit in the Seat Perilous?

They will be destroyed except they were meant to sit there.

What prediction does Sir Lancelot make after reading the message written in gold letters on the Seat Perilous?

The person who was supposed to sit in the seat would arrive that day.

What did King Arthur order be done about the message on the Seat Perilous?

Cover it up with a silk cloth.

What message did King Arthur and his knights find on the sword?

Never shall man take me hence, but only he by whose side I ought to hang, and he shall be the best knight in all of the world

Of what incident earlier in the Arthurian Tales does the floating stone with a sword in it remind the reader?

The sward in the stone that only Arthur could pull which proved that Arthur would be the new king.

What prediction does Sir Lancelot make after seeing the sword in the stone floating in the river?

The prediction is that the quest for the holy grail will begin that day.

What two knights were unable to pull the sword from the stone floating in the river?

Sir Percivale and Sir Girwayne

How does Sir Percivale demonstrate both his bravery and the strong bond of comradeship required of the Knights of the Round Table?

He does it willingly so that Gewayne won't face his fate alone.

What happens as King Arthur and his knights sit down to their Pentecost feast after viewing the sword in the stone floating in the river?

All the windows and doors close all at once.

Who walks into king Arthur's dining hall after all the windows and doors close all at once?

An old night in white.-A young night in whight.

What should the incident of the closed windows and doors and the sudden appearance of Galahad at the feast remind a reader?

It should remind the reader of the original Pentecost when the Jesus' disciples coward in the upper room with all of the doors and windows locked in fear of the authorities and of the sudden appearance of the holy spirit in tongs of fire.

What knight was able to pull the sword from the stone floating in the river?


Why did the lady on the white palfrey bemoan Sir Lancelot's misfortune?

He was no longer the best night in all the world.

From whom did the lady on the white palfrey come?


What two things did the lady on the white palfrey tell King Arthur?

He would be the greatest king of Britain The Songreal passed through the dining hall that day and fed the entire round table.

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