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10 terms

Kinn's Chapter 12 Vocab

An ordered item that has not been delivered when promised or demanded but will be supplied at a later date.
Marking a document or a specific place within a document for later retrieval; a feature supported by most browsers that allows the user to save the address (or URL) so that the document can be located when it is needed again.
A plan for the coordination of resources and expenditures; the amount of money that is available or required for a particular purpose.
To manage to get around, especially by ingenuity or strategy.
Differences among conflicting facts, claims, or opinions.
fiscal year
An accounting period of 12 months during which a company determines earnings and profit; the fiscal year does not necessarily begin in January - instead, the beginning of the fiscal year is determined by the business.
To become liable or subject to; to bring down on oneself.
The practice of subcontracting work to an outside company
packing slip
A list of items that are included in a shipment.
Acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.