25 terms

Science Quick Quiz

Alessandro Volta
Discovered first electric cell and later created the battery
Michael Faraday
Discovered that a electric current could be produced by passing a magnet through a copper wire
A generator
Converts motion into electricity
Thomas Edison
Invented a practical lightbulb
He designed and built the first power plant that was able to produce electricity (it was D.C)
What did Edison do in 1882 to help his first invention
What percent of the energy in the U.S. is used to make electricity
How efficent are incandescent lightbulbs
reduce up to 70%
How much could we reduce our electricity if the country converted to new tecnologies
4 times efficent as incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer
What are the 2 main advantages of CFL's
They produce very little heat
Why are CFL's especially good to use in the summer
They are expensive
What is the disadvantage of CFL's
Compostion of matter
Made of tiny atoms and the differences depends on the kind of atoms, number of atoms and the way that the atoms are arranged
Substances made of only one type of atom
Protons, neutrons and electrons
Atoms are made up of __________
When two elements are combine chemically to form a substance with different properties from the original elements
The smallest part of an element that still has the properties of the element is a __________
The smallest part if a compound that still has the properties of the compound is a __________
bubbling, temperature change, color change and precipitate
Indications of a chemical reaction is...
The composition of matter determines its properties of characteristics
Why is matter so important
What does O stand for
What does N stand for
What does K stand for
anything that has mass and takes up space(volume)
the amount of matter
Conservation of matter
The law of conservation of mass/matter; matter cannot be crated or destroyed but may be rearranged