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You arrive at the scene of a reported explosion. On arrival you note that the fire department has a significant presence and law enforcement is also already on site. Flames have engulfed the main building and the adjacent​ building, in which an​ unusual-looking tanker truck with trailer is​ parked, and is involved in some flame and heavy smoke. The fire department chief approaches your unit and informs you that he is declaring an MCI and he will be the incident​ commander; he then immediately appoints you medical officer and indicates a location in an adjacent upwind lot where you should park your unit. In accordance with the information provided and your scene​ size-up, what would your initial actions now​ include?
Receive a briefing from the incident​ commander; initiate the response of additional​ units; work with the incident commander to verify the safety of your location and establish the location of the triage and staging​ areas; instruct your partner to begin primary triage of patients as they arrive at the triage​ area; provide regular updates to the incident commander
Locate your unit as​ instructed; request additional​ units; request SCBA apparatus from the fire department to assist in the search for​ victims; package victims for the next responding unit to transport.
Locate your unit as instructed and prepare to transport any critical victims or injured firefighters
Receive a briefing from the incident​ commander; request additional​ units; locate your unit as​ instructed; assist your partner in triaging victims as they arrive