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  1. Extinct
  2. Shared derived characteristic
  3. Prokaryotes
  4. Homologous Structures
  5. Genus
  1. a If no one in a species is alive
  2. b Similar structures that are inherited
  3. c Classification grouping that contains similar organisms.
  4. d Organisms whose cells lack a nucleus
  5. e A homologous structure shared by organisms in a group.

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  1. The study of how organisms are classified
  2. group of similar organisms that can breed and produce fertile offspring
  3. Shows evolutionary relationships among organisms.
  4. Comparison of organism structures
  5. A two-part specific name for an organism

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  1. MoldA solid copy of the shape of an organism


  2. Natural SelectionTrait that helps an organism survive


  3. CastA solid copy of the shape of an organism


  4. EukaryotesOrganisms whose cells lack a nucleus


  5. PaleontologistsScientists who study fossils