p. 11-22 poetry anthology

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the personal use of words that marks a poet's poetry


the individual words in a poem

level of diction

amount of advanced choice and use of words in poems (ranging from slang to extreme formality)

poetic diction

used to indicate a level of speech somehow refined above ordinary usage (it used to be used as a compliment to the poet's work, now it is a criticism)


words that are no longer in common use


a contradiction; the dropping of a letter (glimm'ring)


Literal sense of a word (the dictionary definition)


The implied meaning or feel that some words have acquired


A word made up by the poet


when we put a poem into our own words


the order of words in a sentence


words that fall out of their expected order


words that are consciously omitted by the poet


The study if the sources of words

Concrete diction

words which can be perceived by the senses


sensory details denoting specific physical experiences

Visual imagery

descriptive language that appeals to the sense of sight


descriptive language that appeals to the sense of hearing


descriptive language that appeals to the sense of smell


descriptive language that appeals to the sense of touch


descriptive language that appeals to the sense of taste


A poetic movement in which concrete details predominate in short descriptive poems


Words whose meanings are closely related to their sounds (Splash, thud)


The use of one word to imply the additional meaning of a similar-sounding word


the formal term for the word pun

Tenor (of the figure of speech)

the thing being described


concrete image

figures of speech

all of the types of figurative language that involve some kind of comparison


all of the types of figurative language that involve some kind of comparison


A direct comparison between two unlike things
Ex. His words were as sharp as knives.

Implied Metaphor

A metaphor in which either the tenor or vehicle is implied, not stated
Ex. The running back gathered steam and chugged towards the end zone.


A comparison using like, as, or than as a connective device
Ex. My love is like a red, red rose.


An extended or far-fetched metaphor, in most cases comparing things that apparently have almost nothing in common
Ex. Make me, O Lord, thy spinning wheel complete


An overstatement, a comparison using conscious exaggeration
Ex. He threw the ball so fast it caught the catcher's mitt on fire.


The opposite of a hyperbole
Ex. VCU getting in the Final Four was unpredictable.


A metaphor making a direct comparison to a historical or literary event or character, a myth, a biblical reference, and so forth.
He is a Sampson of strength but a Judas of discipline.


Use of a related object to stand for the thing actually being talked about
Ex. It's the only white-collar street in this blue-collar town.


use of a part for the whole, or vice versa
Ex. The crowned heads of Europe were in attendance.


Giving human characteristics to nonhuman things or to abstractions
Ex. Justice weighs the evidence in her golden scales.


An apparent contradiction or illogical statement
I'll never forget old what's-his-name.


A short paradox, consisting of an adjective and noun with conflicting meanings.
Ex. The touch of her lips was sweet agony


A conscious mixing of two different types of sensory experience
Ex. A raw, red wind rushed from the north.

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