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Voyages, Spanish Armada, trade markets, literacy

What was going on in England at the time. _______ of discovery, defeat of the ________, expanding ________, and increased _________


Who introduced printing books in 1475?

Nicholas Udall

Writer of England's first comedy, Ralph Roister Doister

Gammer Gurton's Needle

Another play produced in 1552

Sackville and Norton

A tragedy, "Gorbudoc", written by ____ and ____ in 1561

disease, fights

England authorities hated the theater because the crowds spread _____ and caused ______

The Theatre

The first public playhouse, held ~500 people. Located outside of London to escape the city's jurisdiction

James Burbage

Who constructed The Theatre in 1576

The Fortune, the swan, Blackfriars, and Shakespeare's Globe

Other England theaters (4)

"Wooden O's"

Nickname for Elizabethan theater structures. round or octagonal with two or three tiers of thatched roof galleries surrounding an open court on 3 sides.

Trap doors

Elizabethan theatre's had large platforms and _______ that extended into the open court. At the center back of the platform was a small curtained inner stage for small interior settings ex. Juliet's burial vault

tiring house

backstage where actors changed constumes


did the style of the playhouses affect dramatic writing

scene changes, action, language

how the playhouse's stylings affected dramatic writing:
1. rapid ________ ______
2. more ______ b/c more space to move
3. since audience close to stage, expressive ______ was used


announced performances. white for comedy. black for tragedy

all classes

Who attended the theater?


tradesmen, soldiers, apprentices, and servants. paid a penny to get in. stood in "the pit"

The pit

place where groundlings stood

lords and ladies

Who sat in the gallery? Some rich people even got to sit on stage


______ sold oranges and nuts that were noisily eaten by the audience

Box office

the term _____ comes from when people paid their coins and put them in small boxes. Full boxes were taken to a room and exchanged for an empty one. The room where all the filled boxes were put


was there scenery?

The burning of the Globe theater

Event in 1613 as the result of the thatch roof catching a spark from the cannon shots that announced the king's entrance in Henry VII


________ reflected the time period. Little historical accuracy


Were women allowed to act?

Young boys

Who took female roles? ______ whos voices had not yet changed

Richard Burbage

1 of 3 great actors. Son of James Burbage. played many Shakespearian tragic figures: Hamlet, Othello, Richard III, King Lear

Edward Alleyn

1 of 3 great actors. acted tragedies by Marlowe and others

William Kemp

1 of 3 great actors. Portrayed Shakespeare's great comic parts


should violence be shown on stage?

Christopher Marlowe

Tragedy writer. Graduated from Cambridge U, was originally denied his Masters until Elizabeth stepped in b/c he probably helped her discover a plot against her throne. killed in a tavern brawl

Marlowe's Mighty Line

"______". term for Marlowe's perfected blank verse. Ex. Tamberlaine, Edward II, The Jew of Malta

Dr. Faustus

Marlowe's best known play. a rendition of a man who sells his soul to the devil

Was the face that launched a thousand ships

Famous line from Dr. Faustus

a tavern fight

How did Marlowe die?

Ben Johnson

classical writer. thought that he was superior to Shakespeare. Wrote biting, humorous satire. Had Masques. Ex. Everyman in His Humour, Volpone, and The Alchemist


a great extravaganza of song, dance, and recitation

William Shakespeare

dramatist. born-Stratford Upon Avon, only education was grammar school married Anne Hathaway, left wife and 3 kids to go to London where he worked as an actor, manager, and writer

Histories, comedies, tragedies, fantasies

Shakespeare wrote ____ _____ ____ and ______

ideas, language, characters

Shakespeare's greatness:
1. had balanced plot and character, serious and comedic, climax and release
2. had universal ______
3. magical _______
4. memorable _______

Oliver Cromwell

The Puritan leader who was always against the theatre. When he gained control, theater died out. However, plays performed secretly.

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