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What are the four compartments of a goat's stomach?

rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasum

How long is a doe's gestation period?

Approximately 5 months or 145 - 155 days

How long should your doe be dry before breeding?

6 - 8 weeks

What is a male goat called?


Define Metritis

Inflammation of the uterus.

Which of the following will predispose a goat to ketosis?
a. improper milking procedure
b. unbalanced diet
c. sudden dietary change
d. too many vitamins during pregnancy
e. underfeeding during advanced pregnancy

b: unbalanced diet, c: sudden dietary change; e: underfeeding during advanced pregnancy

Can you make butter out of goat's milk?

Yes; butter can be made from goat's milk.

What is goat meat called?


What kind of doe has very small ears?

La Mancha

What kind of doe has very long ears?


What should a goat have at all times?


Name three different shots needed by a goat in Western Washington.

Tetnus; Selenium-VitaminE or BoSe or White Muscle Disease; Enterotoxemia

What is the main food of a goat 0 - 3 days of age?


How many times a year should a doe freshen?


What breed of goat is all white?


Describe three signs of ketosis in a goat.

Depressed, off-feed, wobbly gait, acetone odor on breath, constipation, mucous covered feces, drop in milk production.

What is a goat's normal temperature?

101.5 to 104 degrees F.

Name three internal parasites

Coccidia, liver flukes, lungworms, intestinal roundworms, and stomach roundworms

Describe "dairy character".

characteristics that reveal potential for high production, including angularity, femininity, sharpness, open ribs, and soft pliable skin

Why do you not feed strong flavored feeds such as onion or cabbage withing four hours before milking?

Milk picks up flavor-milk will pick up odor or taste.

What kind of doe comes from the French Alps?

French Alpine

What should a goat's navel be dipped in immediately after being born?

7% iodine

How much should a young doe weigh before it is bred?

80 - 90 pounds

When an animal is bloated, just give them lots of water and don't worry.
True or False?

false; you SHOULD worry

What part of a doe should be clipped prior to freshening?

Udder, flanks, and around the tail

Where did the breed La Mancha originate?

America-as a cross between a Spanish short-eared goat and other leading purebred breeds.

What purpose are the goat's wattles?


The period between heats in does is how many days?

18 - 21 days

Is goat milk easier or harder to digest than cow's milk?


What is a test for determining internal parasite invasion?

Egg count in stool specimen

What is a female goat called?


Can goat's milk be used in making cheese?

Yes, it can be used in making cheese.

What is the milk producing gland of the doe?


What is another name for the womb where the young remain until born?


What is another name for the doe's estrous cycle?

Heat period

What is the proper word for when the doe is not milking?


What is the proper word for time when a doe is in milk?

lactation period

What does angularity refer to?

The sharpness or the triangles shown by the three major angles in the dairy goat's conformation.

How much does a gallon of goat milk weigh?

8.6 pounds

What does A.I. stand for?

Artificial Insemination

Another word for afterbirth is: ?


A goat's lactation is usually measured in a ten-month period.
True or False

true; it is measured in a 10 month period.

What is inbreeding?

Mating of closely related animals

The color pattern of Chamois belongs to what breed?
a. Saanen
b. Toggenburg
c. French Alpine
d. Nubian

c. French Alpine

What are the four major parts of the dairy goat scorecard?

General appearance, body capacity, dairy character, mammary system

A goat has only two dewclaws.
true or false

false; a goat has 4 dewclaws.

What causes White Muscle Disease?

Selenium deficiency

Is ringworm a bacteria or a fungus?


The Nubian has a specific color pattern.
true or false?

false-it can be any color

The crops are found near the hips
true or false

false; they are near the shoulder

What is kidding?

female giving birth to young

Which breed originated in America?

La Mancha

What is gestation?

The time in which the doe carries her young.

The thurl is located between the pin bone and the _____ bone.


The barrel refers to what area of the body?

stomach area

When entering the ring, which way do you circle the ring?


What is a ruminant?

A cud chewing animal with a four compartment stomach

What color are the prescribed clothes for showing dairy?


Milk fever is caused by a failure to use calcium available from both the diet and from the bones.
true or false

true; calcium is important!

The escutcheon is found under the chin.
true or false

false; it is attached to the udder

When kidding, the hind legs of the kid usually come out first.
true or false

false; it would hurt if the back legs came out first

Does fed a diet high in calcium prior to freshening are more susceptible to Milk Fever than dry does fed a ration low in calcium.
true or false

false;they are less susceptible.

What ligament supports the udder?

Median suspensory ligament

Listeriosis can be transmitted from goat to man through milk.
true or false

true it can be transmitted

Spell " exhibitor"


_____________ is the first milk given after kidding.


When an animal has milk fever, there is always an abnormally high body temperature.
true or false

false; temperature is not always high.

The stifle is that part of the goat located just below the joint of the shoulder
true or false

true; stifle is located just below the joint of the shoulder

The loin and the chine are parts of the back.
true or false

true; loin & chine are part of the back.

Goat milk is more readily digested than cow's milk.
true or false

true because it is naturally homoginized.

What is goat meat called?


Cream rises to the top of goat's milk very quickly, especially if it is cooled rapidly.
true or false

false; because it is naturally homogenized.

Name six breeds of dairy goats

Alpine, La Mancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg

Lice are internal parasites.
true or false

false; lice are external

What is a castrated male goat called?


What is another name for over-eating disease?


What should be done to a newborn kid's navel as soon as possible?

dipped in 7% iodine

How many compartments does a goat's stomach have?


Can sore mouth be transmitted to humans from goats?

yes sore mouth can be transmitted from goats to humans.

What is another name for sore mouth?

Contagious Ecthyma

What is inflammation of the mammary gland called?


What is another word for heat in goats?


Where is a goat tattooed?

The hairless part of the tail or in the ear.

On the ADGA Dairy Goat Scorecard, how many points is body capacity worth?

20 points

What is another name for diarrhea in goats?


What is the accumulation of excessive amounts of gas in the rumen called?


What does DHIA stand for?

Dairy Herd Improvement Association

What is the traditional lactation period?

305 days

What does ADGA stand for?

American Dairy Goat Association

What does AR stand for?

Advance Registry

Where did Saanens originate?


Name three external parasites

lice, mites, ticks, fleas, screw-worms, fly maggots

Milk veins are the passageways for milk to get into the udder.
true or false

false they are subcutaneous abdominal veins of lactating animals

Who developed a workable test for butterfat in milk?

S.M. Babcock

What does CMT mean?

Califonia Mastitis Test

What is the largest compartment in a goat's stomach?


What liquid compound is used to freeze and store frozen semen?

liquid nitrogen

The hock is above or below the pastern?

Above the pastern

A cud chewing animal is known as a ___


Another name for the afterbirth is the __


How many knees does a goat have?

two: a goat has two knees

At what age does a goat get its upper front teeth?

Never: a goat never gets upper teeth

The withers are located between the hip bones and the pin bones.
true or false

false: the withers are near the neck

A kid receives what percentage of its inheritance from its dam?


Kidding difficulty and dystocia are the same.
true or false

true: kidding difficulty and dystocia are the same

The stifle joint is part of the front leg and shoulder region.
true or false

False; the stifle is part of the rear leg

The hip bones and the pin bones are the same.
true or false

false; the hip bones and pin bones are NOT the same.

On the ADGA Dairy Goat Scorecard, General Appearance and Mammary System are worth how many points?

30 points

Complete this statement: Washing the udder with warm water before starting to milk cleanses the udder and _____

stimulates the let-down of milk

What does TDN mean?

total digestible nutrients

In a dairy goat, which compartment of the stomach has the greates volume?


What is the polled factor and can the polled factor be inherited?

hornless and yes

On the ADGA Dairy Goat Scorecard, all body parts have the same point value.
true or false

false; body part values are different

The first milk produced following parturition is called ____


What would you use a gestation table for?

To ascertain expected kidding date

Thickness over the shoulders and at the thighs indicate a lack of what major component of the Unified Scorecard?

Dairy Character

In a pedigree what is the dam?

mother or female parent

Metritis is an infection of the reproductive tract.
true or false

true; Metritis is an inflamation in the walls of the uterus.

When we say a goat has "settled" what do we mean?

The doe has been successfully bred resulting in pregnancy

What organization oversees production testing programs nationally?

National DHIA

What is the sac or membrane that surrounds the fetal kid called?


At birth, what is the normal presentation of the kid?

front legs and feet first

Approximately how much blood must be pumped through the udder to make a pound of milk?

400 lbs

How do we prevent navel ill in newborn kids?

By dipping the navel cord in iodine or other approved disinfectant

Is Ketosis considered a reproductive disorder or a metabolic disorder?

Metabolic disorder

What do these symptoms indicate: progressive lameness; swollen foot up into the animal; cracking of the tissue between claws.

foot rot

Early in a kid's life, which stomach compartment is larger- the rumen or the abomasum?


What is the minimum height for a mature Toggenburg in inches?

25 inches

What are the large organic molecules that have a special affinity for certain minerals?


Which of the following animals is not a ruminant?
sheep, cows, horses, deer


Which one of the following minerals is toxic for goats?
phosphorous, calcium, lead


What is homogenization?

Breaking down and reducing the size of fat globules in milk.

What is the major difference between goat and cow's milk?

Natural homogenization in goat's milk

Spell "Abomasum"


What bacteria causes brucellosis?

Brucella melitensis

A goat's hooves should be trimmed how often?

Every 3 - 6 weeks

Name two common types of goats other than dairy goats.

Pygmy and Angora

Define an American die great.

3 successive generations of grading up by breeding to purebred sires of one breed.

Describe two areas on the goat involving "Dairy Character".

neck, withers, ribs, flank, thighs, skin

What is a goat's normal heartbeat per minute?

70 - 95

how much should a young doe weigh before it is bred?

80 - 90 pounds

What disease develops blisters on the lips and gums?

Contagious Ecthyma or sore mouth

Founder affects what part of the body?


What hormone begins and helps the birth process


What is the name given to the unborn kid?


What does double-teated mean?

Two teats on the same half of the udder.

What can be used to synchronize estrus in a group of does?

Prostaglandin or Progesterone

Who brought the first purebred Toggenburgs to the US from England?

William A. Shafer of Ohio in 1893

What vitamin is essential for normal clotting of blood?

Vitamin K

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