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Hip Flexion

short sit with thighs on table. Pt may grasp table edge if needed. Verbal Cue "lift leg of table" straight up and down movement
mm: psoas major, Iliacus (Iliopsoas)

Hip Flexion Gravity Eliminated

Side-lying testes limb on top and supported. PTA behind Pt. supported at Trunk

Hip Flexion, ABD, and ER with knee flexion

pt position- short sitting with thighs on table. PT may grasp edge of table if needed.
verbal cue- Hold it dont let me move your leg or straighten your knee.

what muscle trys to substitute for the sartorius?

Iliopsoas- this is just pure hip flexion

Hip Flexion, ABD, and ER with knee flexion. what is the gravity eliminated position?

Supine with heel of tested limb resting on other shin.

Hip Extension what muscles are involved?

Glute Maximus, Hamstring Muscle Group

Hip Extension

Prone, Pt can grasp table
verbal cue- lift leg off table keeping knee straight

Hip Extension Gravity Eliminated position

side-lying tested limb on top and supported. PTA behind Pt.

what position is the patient in to test the gluteus maximus?

Prone with knee bent
verbal cue- lift your foot to the ceiling keep your knee bent

why is the ROM for hip ext. with glute max different then normal hip extension?

This ROM is going to be less than above ext. due to rectus femoris.

what muscle are invoved to test Hip Abd.?

Gluteus medius
gluteus minimus

what do you watch for when testing hip Abd?

Hip Hike, ER and flexion

Hip Abd. what position is the patient in?

side-lying with test leg on top, leg extended past midline and pelvis slightly rotated forward
verbal cue- lift leg up toward ceiling, dont let me push you down.

what is the gravity eliminated posion for hip Abd?

supine, slide leg across table keeping knee pointing to the ceiling.

how would you test the TFL?

IF the test is hip abd. test is allowed to begin with active hip flexion or with hip positioned in flexion, there is an opportunity for the TFL to abduct the hip.

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