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  1. a concise statement, often offering advice; an adage
  2. a term used to point out a characteristic of a person. Homeric ____ are often compound adjectives ("swift-footed Achilles") that become an almost formulaic part of a name. ____ can be abusive or offensive but are not so by definition. For example, athletes may be proud of their given ____ ("The Rocket").
  3. reasoning in which a conclusion is reached by stating a general principle and then applying that principle to a specific case (The sun rises every morning; therefore, the sun will rise on Tuesday morning.)
  4. insincere or overly sentimental quality of a person's writing/speech intended to evoke pity
  5. excessive pride or arrogance that results in the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy

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  1. adagea simple story that illustrates a moral or religious lesson


  2. solecismnonstandard grammatical usage; a violation of grammatical rules


  3. dialecta variety of speech characterized by its own particular grammar or pronunciation, often associated with a particular geographical region


  4. parablea familiar proverb or saying