25 terms

chapter 11

the transitional period between childhood and adulthood
which of the following best defines adolescence?
estrogen in females and testosterone in males
which group of hormones is responsible for the development for the develpoment of the sex organs?
13-15 and 17-18
at what age do the two major brain growth spurts occurs?
during puberty the pituitary gland signals the adrenal gland to increase production of androgens. what is the term of the this process?
changes in breasts and pubic hair
which of the following is the earliest sign of puberty for females?
improvements in nutritons and health care
according to current research, which of the following accounts for the secular trend in development worldwide?
obesity is likley to be positively correlated with early puberty in girls
which of the following is a true statement regarding obesity and puberty?
growth of the genitals
of the following events in boys' puberty, which typically occurs earliest?
early maturing boys
which of the following groups is more likely to pccupy leadership roles, but also be at increased risk for alcohol or drug use?
social factors
which of the following factors is most likely to influence whether or not teens become sexually active across cultures?
early dating
in the US, earlier initation to adolescent sexual activity is assocatied with which of the following?
the number of births to unmarried teens has increased over the past four decades
which of the following statement is true regarding adolescent pregnacny in the US
about one third
how many teen pregnancies end in abortion
what is the concordance rate of homosexuality in fraternal twins
which of the following terms applies to a person whose psychological gender does not match thier physical sex?
teens who are most strongly influenced by media portrayals of risky behavior are more likely to engage in sensation-seeking
what is the correlation between risk-seeking behavior and the media?
intense fear of weight gain, extreme dieting, and obsessive exercising
anorexia nervosa is characterized by
episodes of bringe eating that are following by purging activites
the eating disorder bulimia nervosa is characterized by
excessive weight loss
which of the following is NOT associated with bulimia?
they tend to use means that are less successful, such as poisioning
why are girls less likely to complete suicide
history of parental divorce
all the following are recognized as common factor among suicide completers EXCEPT
formal operations
what is Piaget's fourth stage of cognitve development
students experience losses in academic achievement and self-esteem
which statement best describes the transition from elementary school to high school
cindy hopes to score higher on her college entrance exam than any of her brother and sisters
which of the following is the best example of a child who has ability goals for academic achievement?
their own ablilites and belief in the acceptability of these subjects for girls
which of the following best explains what shape girls' desire to take advanced math and science classes?