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Household bleaches are _____ sodium hypochlorites while pool products are _______.
3-6%; 50%
What is the mechanism of action for bleach toxicosis?
severe mucous membrane damage
What is caused by combining bleach with ammonia or acidic solutions?
release of chlorine gas
What are the toxic effects of chlorine gas?
severe resp. and eye irritation
What are the three systems most commonly affected by bleach poisoning?
GI, Oropharyngeal, respiratory (gas)
What are the two treatments for bleach toxicosis?
milk and water; magnesium oxide to neutralize stomach acids
Most soaps and anionic/non-ionic detergents have ______ oral tox.at low exposures.
Which detergents are most toxic and cause irritation at 1%?
cationic detergents (quaternary ammonium cmpds) and highly alkaline detergents (dishwashing detergents)
Which detergents are corrosive and may cause systemic tox?
quaternary ammonium cmpds
Over all, detergents mainly affect the ______ and _____ cmpds can cause severe GI disturbances, dehydration, shocks, and collapse.
GI; quaternary ammonium
Emesis and gastric lavage are generally ________ with detergent poisoning.
What 4 things can dilute or neutralize quat. ammonium detergent poisoning?
milk, water, vinegar, activated charcoal