ch. 12-14 questions

What is the supremacy clause?
Makes the Constitution & all laws & treaties approved by congress.
How did the delegates at the Philadelphia Convention deal with the issue of slavery?
The constitution provided that national government would not interfere with importation of slaves, they gave slave owners 20 years
how does the constitution balance state powers with powers granted to the national government? how does it limit each set of powers?
the constitution placed boundaries on state and National government, limiting their powers & therefore forming a balance
What process did the Philadelphia convention devise for ratifying the Constitution and why?
it was expected that the convention would submit it's work to be approved or disapproved
Why did many of the writers in the debates over the constitution use pseudonyms?
the they used pseudonyms so that arguments would be read on their merits rather than on the reputations of the authors
What philosophical ideas guided the anti-federalists' opposition to a stronger national government?
The Anti-federalists believed a large, diverse state or nation cannot sustain a republic.
What arguments did the Anti-federalists make regarding the Bill of Rights?
~Organization of the Nat'l government doesn't protect rights
~Unlimited power of Nat'l government
~Freedoms were omitted from the constitution
~People's protection of the Nat'l government
What were the federalists' strategies for ratification of the constitution?
they quickly organized state ratifying conventions and The Federalist was published.
What is The Federalist?
a series of articles urging the adoption of the constitution and a stronger national government.
What arguments did the federalists make to support the ratification of the constitution?
they argued how civic virtue could no longer be relied upon, the way the constitution organizes the government and the representation of different interests.
What arguments did the federalists make to resist the demand for a bill of rights?
Nothing gave national government authority over indivuduals and adding a bill of rights would imply that the nat'l government had powers that the constitution did not give it. Also a bill of rights is not necessary in a nation with popular sovereignty.