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What is the division of the autonomic Nervous System that is involved with the relaxation response?


What division of the autonomic nervous system stimulates the alarm, or 'fight or flight' reaction?


What are impulse conducting cells that possess properties of excitability and conductibility?

Nodes of Ranvier

What are the gaps located at intervals along myelinated axons that increase their rate of conduction?


What is the division of the peripheral nervous system that is involuntary and controls organs, glands etc?


What is the junction between two neurons called?


What is the fat and protein insulating substance around some neurons that assists conduction?

central nervous system

What division of the nervous system contains the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid and meninges?


What is a bundle of neurons held together by several layers of connective tissue?

peripheral nervous system

What division of the nervous system contains the cranial and spinal nerves?


What are chemical that facilitate, arouse or inhibit transmission of nerve impulses?


What is an instantaneous, involuntary response to a stimulus?


What are the extensions called that transmit impulses away from the cell body?


What are the extensions called that receive and transmit impulses towards the cell body?


What is the special connective tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord called?


What part of the brain controls muscle tone, coordination, balance etc?


What are the sensory receptors that detect pain?

cerebrospinal fluid

What is the clear fluid called that circulates around the brain and spinal cord?

medulla oblongata

What is the most inferior part of the brain stem which contains the respiratory, cardiac and vaso-motor centers?


What is the general term for receptors that respond to changes in muscle length, tension and body position?

Sensory and motor input, interpretation, intelligence and emotion

What are the functions of the nervous system?

Central and Peripheral

What are the 2 major divisions of the nervous system?

Sympathetic and parasympathetic

What are the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system?

motor nerves

When you move your fingers, what type of nerves are you using?

Cerebrum, cerebellum, diencephalon and brain stem

What are the four major regions of the brain?


What is the largest region of the brain?


Which part of the brain contains the thalamus and hypothalamus?

blood-brain barrier

What is the semi-permeable wall of capillaries that helps prevent passage of some drugs into the central nervous system?


What sensory receptors detect temperature changes?


What sensory receptors are located in the retina?


What photoreceptors produce color vision?


What photoreceptors are sensitive to black, white and gray?


What are the regions of the cerebrum called?

sensory impulse

An impulse that travels towards the central nervous system is called what?

motor impulse

An impulse that travels away from the central nervous system is called what?

occipital lobe

Which cerebral lobe contains the center for visual input?

spinal cord

What exits the skull through the Foramen Magnum?

reflex arc

What is the smallest, simplest portion of the nervous system capable of receiving a stimuli and yielding a response? (1 afferent and 1 efferent)


Which division of the peripheral nervous system is voluntary?


What is a network of intersecting nerves in the peripheral nervous system?


What is an area of skin that's served by a specific nerve root?

Golgi Tendon Organs

Which receptors are activated by tension and stretch and respond by inhibiting contraction?

muscle spindles

What type of receptors respond to fast, ballistic stretching and cause reflexive contraction?

synaptic vesicles

What are the sac-like structurs in the synaptic bulbs that produce and store neurotrasmitters?


What type of receptor detects changes in smells, tastes, and changes in blood chemistry?


What sensation can the brain not detect?

cell body

Which part of the neuron contains the nucleus?


What is a synonym for sensory nerves?


What is a synonym for motor nerves?


What type of receptor responds to stimuli from outside the body?


What type of receptor responds to stimuli from inside the body?


What is the quality of a sound that is dependent on vibration speed?


What is the loudness of a sound called?


What general type of receptor is a Golgi Tendon Organ?


What is the study of the Nervous System called?

physiopathological reflex arc

What's the term that describes an abnormal reflex arc?


What is the most common neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contraction?

Neuroglia (glia)

What's the connective tissue that supports, nourishes, protects, insulates and organizes neurons?


What type of cells make up myelin?

action potential

What is a synonym for nerve impulse?


A cluster of nerve cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system is called what?


A group of skeletal muscles innervated by a single spinal segment is called what?

sense of smell

Olfaction is another word for what?

malleus, incus and stapes

What are the three small bones in the middle ear called?

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