12 terms

Book 3 Chapter 5 Rocks

sedimentary rock
is a rock formed from fragments of other rock
igneous rock
is a rock fromed from cooling of molten rock
metamorphic rock
is a rock formed when an existing rock is changed by heat or pressure
foliated rock
is a rock that has its grains arranged in layers or bands
How do coral animals build a coral reef?
each makes a bit of coral around itself and it builds up over generations
How are classic and organic rocks the same and different?
classic and organic are sedimentary and made of combined bits. classic forms when rock fragments are squeezed together. organic rocks form from remains of plants and animals.
Two ways metamorphic rock can continue rock cycle and change into a different type rock are____
-it can melt and turn into igneous rock
-it can erode, deposit and turn into sedimentary rock
What characteristics do geologists use to identify rocks?
they use the size , shape, and patterns of the grains
How does the movement of the crustal plates relate to the rock cycle?
Movement pushes rocks up and they erode into sediments. If they are pushed down, the heat and pressure turn them into metamorphic rocks,
What does the texture of igneous rock have to do with where it is formed?
-intrusive rocks form underground and have large crystals and grains
-extrusive rocks cool rapidly and have a fine grain or glassy texture with small crystals
Name two rocks commonly used by people and tell how they are used?
-granite used for buildings and statues
-basalt crushed to make gravel
-pumice rough surface used for cleaning and polishing
Explain how sedimentary rocks form?
erosion, deposition, compaction, and cementation