14 terms

3rd grade science ch 6

what the air is like outside
made up of water droplets in the air. different kinds form in different weather, so can help predict what will happen to the weather
the blanket of air that surrounds Earth. made up of gases that have no color, taste, or odor
rain gauge
measures how much rain has fallen
tells how much water is in the air
wind vane
measures the direction of the wind
measures wind speed
measures air pressure
pollution alerts
smog, exhaust from cars and trucks and ozone can be harmful to health, so people are warned to stay inside when they are in the air
Washington state weather patterns
it is by the Pacific Ocean, so the western part of the state has a pattern of cool,wet winters and the eastern part of the state has a pattern of cold, dry winters
Sonora Desert weather patterns
is in the southern part of Arizona and California. most rain is in short, heavy downpours during the hot summer.there is some rain in winter
a huge storm that forms over the ocean that has heavy rain, strong wind and huge waves. people know about them before they strike.
a spinning, funnel-shaped column of air that touches the ground.they form beneath thunderstorm clouds and have very strong winds. they form suddenly and without warning
a winter storm with low temperatures ans lots of blowing snow.