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  1. What are gated channel? There different gated channels, which channels are regulated by neurotransmitters?
  2. If a neuron synapses on a second neuron and drives the resting membrane potential further from threshold, what is this called? Where does it occur?
  3. What is salutatory conduction of an action potential? Does it occur in all nerve fibers? How does diameter of a nerve fiber affect speed of conduction?
  4. Do CNS nerve fibers generally regenerate?
  5. What is neuroglia? How do these cells compare (in structure, number, and function) to the neurons. What are the functions of each of the neuroglia? Which ones are in the CNS and which ones are in the PNS?
  1. a IPSP, Inhibitory Post Synaptic Potential.
    Sensory Neurons
  2. b Channels that are somehow opened to allow specific ions to enter and exit.
  3. c Not really.
  4. d Salutatory conduction of an action potential is when you jump from node to node.
  5. e Neuroglia are cells that support and protect neurons

    There are more neuroglia than neurons, they don't have dendrites or axons.

    Astrocytes (CNS) - Forms blood brain barrier, protects neurons, allow the exchange of nutrients and waste
    Oligodendricites - Mylinate the CNS
    Epidymal (CNS) - Circulate the cerebral spinal fluid
    Microglia - Eat debris in the CNS

    Satellite and Schwann Cells are in the PNS.

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  1. ...
  2. PNS
    Everywhere except the brain
  3. Able to receive impulse from action potentials
    Contractible cells
  4. Means that action potential doesn't have to travel down the entire axon, just jumps from node to node.
  5. Type A - large-diameter, myelinated. Conduct at 15-120 m/s. Motor neurons supplying skeletal and most sensory neurons
    Type B - medium-diameter, lightly myelinated. Conduct at 3-15 m/s. Part of ANS
    Type C - small-diameter, unmyelinated. Conduct at 2 m/s or less. Part of ANS

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  1. What is membrane permeability?Only allows certain things through.


  2. Describe the importance of the Schwann cells in regeneration of the nerve fiber following injury.Schwann cells can point the neuron in the right direction so it can regrow to the proper receptor sites.


  3. Which channels are activated for depolarization in an action potential?In the spinal cord


  4. How does nerve tissue respond to injury? What cells are responsible for the repair? Where can it occur?In CNS, it doesn't heal.
    In PNS, if mylineation cells are still in tact, they will reform a path for the neuron to grow.
    Schwann Cells or Oligodendricites


  5. Where are interneurons or association neurons located?In the spinal cord


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