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  1. Do CNS nerve fibers generally regenerate?
  2. What is a graded potential? Can it travel a long distance? Why or why not?
  3. Is the sodium-potassium pump and active or passive process?
  4. How is the sodium-potassium pump related to the resting potential of the nerve fiber?
  5. Describe the importance of the Schwann cells in regeneration of the nerve fiber following injury.
  1. a Active
  2. b Not really.
  3. c Schwann cells can point the neuron in the right direction so it can regrow to the proper receptor sites.
  4. d In order to get back to polarization, they have to pump in 3 Na out, 2 K in
  5. e A change in the membrane potential that is localized to one area of the plasma membrane. Also known as local potentials.

    Cannot travel long distances because they spread in a decremental fashion. They rapidly decrease in magnitude as they spread over the surface of the plasma membrane (teacher's voice in a large lecture hall)

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  1. Unipolar
  2. Only allows certain things through.
  3. No because the neuron consists of many other things that make up the neuron (dendrites, axons, cell bodies, axon terminals)
  4. Through Neurotransmitters
    Calcium has to go into the synapse to stimulate the vessels to open.
  5. Channels that are somehow opened to allow specific ions to enter and exit.

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  1. What advantage does having a myelin sheath give to a nerve fiber?Means that action potential doesn't have to travel down the entire axon, just jumps from node to node.


  2. What is summation? Temporal and spatial summation result in what?Only allows certain things through.


  3. Motor neurons are located where? Sensory neurons are located where?PNS
    Everywhere except the brain


  4. What gives peripheral nerves their white appearance?Mylination


  5. How are electrical potentials of cell membranes measured?spatial variation of both electrical potential and chemical concentration across a membrane.