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  1. If a neuron synapses on a second neuron and drives the resting membrane potential further from threshold, what is this called? Where does it occur?
  2. What parts of neurons are found in gray matter? White matter? Why is it white?
  3. What is a presynaptic neuron? Postsynaptic neuron? Define converge, divergence of neurons.
  4. Define excitability. What kinds of cells possess excitability?
  5. Describe the ionic basis for an action potential (depolarization). What is the ionic basis for repolarization? What is hyperpolarization? What ions are involved?
  1. a Cell bodies found in gray matter
    Mylenated Axons
    Because the tissue is composed of fatty tissue.
  2. b Presynaptic - The neuron that sends the action potential to the next dendrite
    Postsynaptic - Receives the message
    Convergence of Neurons - First one neuron is influenced by many others, resulting in a convergence of input.
    Divergence of Neurons - When the neuron fires, the signal is sent to many other neurons, resulting in a divergence of output.
  3. c IPSP, Inhibitory Post Synaptic Potential.
    Sensory Neurons
  4. d Able to receive impulse from action potentials
    Contractible cells
  5. e Depolarization - Potential difference becomes smaller or less polar. If extracellular concentration of K+ increases, there is less gradient between inside and outside.
    Hyperpolarization - Potential difference becomes greater or more polar. If extracellular concentration of K+ decreases, steeper gradient between inside and outside

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  1. Schwann Cell wraps around the axon to form the myelin sheath.
    Neurilemma is the plasma membrane of a neuron
    Ranvier is the space between mylination
  2. Absolute Refractory Period - complete insensitivity exists to another stimulus. Voltage gated Na+ Channels open and close.
    Relative Refractory Period - follows the absolute period, membrane is more permeable to K+ because many voltage gated K+ channels are open.
  3. 3 Na out, 2 K in
  4. PNS
    Everywhere except the brain
  5. A bundle of neurons that travel to and from the same place.

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  1. Which channels are activated for depolarization in an action potential?In the spinal cord


  2. What is salutatory conduction of an action potential? Does it occur in all nerve fibers? How does diameter of a nerve fiber affect speed of conduction?...


  3. What is the role of a neurotransmitter? What is Ach? What are cholinergic synapses? What kind of transmitters are dopamine and serotonin?To travel across the synapse and get the action potential to the next neuron
    Ach is acetylcholine
    Cholinergic synapses -


  4. Name the 3 types of neurons (based on structure).Unipolar


  5. How does nerve tissue respond to injury? What cells are responsible for the repair? Where can it occur?Not really.