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What 4 plants contain cyanides?
Wild Cherry, Sudan Grass, Johnson Grass, sorghums
Cherries, apples, plums and apricots are?
cyanogenic plants
What is the characteristic odor of cyanide gas?
bitter almond or ammoniacal
What is minimum lethal dose of cyanide in all spp?
What spp (group) is most susceptible to cyanide tox?
cattle; ruminants
Which part cyanogenic plants contain the highest amts of cyanide?
What is the mech. of action of cyanide?
binds with ferric iron and cupric copper in the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase in all tissues; blocks the electron transport chain and inhibits the use of oxygen for cellular respiration; particularly the brain = death
Cyanide is a prominent vaso______.
Cyanide poisoning is ______ and ______ is the most common c/s.
rapid; sudden death
How long from the onset of tachypnea, anxiety, severe panting, gasping, salivation severe colic, and urination from cyanide tox. do animals die?
4-5 min
What color are mucous membranes w/ cyanide tox?
bright red; cherry red; blood may not clot
_____ ppm in forages is considered toxic.
What two specimens are best post mortem?
brain and heart
All specimens of suspected cyanide tox. should be?
The picrate paper test is for?
cyanide testing in rumen contents or plant