Computer Apps Word Chapter 2 Test Review

A note reference mark signals that an explanatory note exists at the bottom of the the page as a _______.
Word has a list of predefined typing, spelling, capitalization, and grammar errors that ____ can detect and correct.
The shortcut keys used to left-align a paragraph.
To right-align a paragraph, use the ____ shortcut keys.
The ___ is a temporary Windows storage area.
Quick Access
If you do not want to keep a change automatically made by Word and you immediately notice the automatic correction, you can undo the change by clicking the Undo buttonont he _____ toolbar.
According to MLA style, on each page of the research paper, precede the page number by the title of the paper.
To place your name to the left of the page number, as required by the MLA style, you must create a header that contains the page number.
To use Click and Type, you double-click a blank area of the document window.
To count words, click the Word Count indicator on the Home tab to diplay the Word Count dialog box.
If you add text, delete text, or modify text on a page, Word recomputes the location of automatic page breaks and adjusts them accordingly.
According to the MLA style, the first line of each entry ont eh works cited page begins at the left margin.
When you point to an iconon the Select Browse Object menu, Word displays the associated command name at the top of the menu.
To move text, you first select the text to be moved and then use drag-and drop editing or the cut-and-paste technique to move the selected text.
To access the Research task pane use ALT+ CLICK on the word your wish to research.
From within Word, you can search through various forms of reference information.
You can use the Ignore All Button in the Spelling an Grammar Dialog box.
parenthetical citations
Used in MLA style instead of noting each source at the bottom of the page.
Works Cited
Teh bibliographic list of sources at the end of an MLA-styled research paper
Text and graphics that prints at the top of each page in a document
shortcut keys
Used to format text as you type it.
Click and Type
Used to format text, graphics, and other items
tag name
An identifier that links a citation to a source
Explanatory note that exitst at the end of a document.
Word featue that fixes errors as you type them in a document.
Each time the _____ key is pressed the paragraph formatting in the previous paragraph is carried to the next paragraph.
When the same word is used in multiple locations or a word is used that was not quite appropriate, a thesaurus can be used to look up a ____, or a word similar in meaning.
press this to center a paragraph
drag and drop
with ___ editing the selecting text is moved to a new location and inserted there.
double space
MLA documentation requires that you ____ the entire research paper.
first line indent
Word can be instructed to indent the first line of each paragraph, called ______, using the horizontal ruler.
background repagination
Word refers to the automatic paage break task as _______.
Because the works cited are on a sepearate page a _______ page break must be inserted at a specific location following the end of the research paper paragraphs.
As documents that exceed one page are typed Word inserts ______ page breaks when it determines that a page has been filled.
Hanging Indent
A ______ is a type of paragraph formatting in which the first line extends to the left of the rest of the paragraph.
While _____ you review a document for grammatical, formatting, and spelling errors.