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Nonfiction Vocabulary Words

a book about a persons life written by someone else
a book that someone writes about his or her own life
a book a person writes about a particular time in his or her life; it does NOT cover from birth to death
a day by day account of a person's life
a short nonfiction work about a particular topic; it looks at one subject in a limited way
historical documents or speeches
official statements that record the social and political beliefs or groups of people and individuals in history and expose readers to the language and attitude of the time
a newspaper or magazine that is distributed monthly, weekly, or daily
a one on one conversation in which questions are asked and answered
a nonfiction film that uses primary and secondary sources
official document
examples include birth certificate, death certificate. marriage license, and police reports
primary source
a first hand account; it is reliable
secondary source
a description by a person usually not at the event; it is not as reliable
a writing or speech that explains or informs something
rewriting or restating another person's ideas or thoughts into your own words
a shortened version of a paraphrase
source reliability
current author has credentials and the website is truthful and reliable
works cited (bibliography)
a list of sources used in nonfiction work and placed at the end of the paper
taking someone elses words or ideas and making them your own without giving credit to the source
parenthetical citation
MLA guideline/stlye for citing sources within a text and uses parenthesis
prose writing that presents and explains ideas or tells about people, places, objects or events
purpose of nonfiction
and event that happened long ago based on research, a description of their own experiences, an event to explain what may have caused it, what impact it had, and what it meant
what nonfiction can include
a discussion of ideas such as proposing a solution to a problem considering the meaning of life