Vocab for World War 1 simulation (sheet we got 11/5 in history)

14 terms by gotmilk23

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this is from the sheet htingy we got on 11/5 so yeah

Heir to the throne

one who inherits the throne


a murderer (especially of a political figure)


a statement of terms that expresses or implies the threat of serious penalties if the terms are not accepted


set aside for a particular purpose


insurance against possible damage or loss


someone who acts in a hostile fashion


marked my meekness or modesty; showing submissive respect


supremacy of authority or rule; complete independence or self-government


agree; to come into an office or dignity

Comparatively Weak

relatively weak

Mobilizing troops

to assemble and prepare troops for war


condition of begin neutral, not taking sides


disclaiming knowledge of, responsibility for, or association with



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