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surgical creation of an opening between colon and body surface


instrument used for visual examination of internal structures


progressive degenerative disease of liver characterized by disturbance of structure and function, usually results in jaundice


decrease in frequency in passage of stools of difficulty in passing hard/dry stools


twisting of intestine on itself that causes an obstruction

crohn's disease

chronic degenerative disorder of any part of GI tract, usually the colon or ileum or both, resulting in scaring and thickening of walls


condition in which fluid loss exceeds fluid intake and disrupts body's electrolyte balance


eating disorder in which there is a persistent eating of non-nutritional substances such as clay


vomiting: expel contents of stomach through esophagus and out the mouth


open lesion on skin or mucous membrane


chemical substance responsible for increase in chemical reaction


liver secretion that aids in the breakdown of fats


tooth decay, cavities


organ the secretes digestive juice/enzymes into small intestine, also secretes insulin

nasogastric tube

tube inserted through the nose, down the esophagus and into the stomach

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