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fall; misfortune, destruction; chance, accident

câsus, câsûs, m.

horn; wing (of an army)

cornû, cornûs, n.


diês, dieî, m. or f.

house(hold), home

domus, domûs, f.

face; appearance

faciês, facieî, f.

faith, trust

fidês, fideî, f.

wave; commotion

flûctus, flûctûs, m.


genû, genûs, n.

attack; charge; impulse

impetus, impetûs, m.

hand; band (of men)

manus, manûs, f.

fear, dread; anxiety

metus, metûs, m.

pace, footstep

passus, passûs, m.

mile; miles

mille passûs; mîlia passuum (pl.)

thing, matter, business; court case

rês, reî, f.

state, republic

rês pûblica, reî publicae

the country(side)

rûs, rûrus, n.


senâtus, senâtûs, m.


spês, speî, f.

expression; face

vultus, vultûs, m.

to burn, be on fire, glow

ârdeô, ârdêre, ârsî



from there; then, from that time forth; thence


so, to such a degree


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