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Maternal Health Nursing: Postpartum care


used to describe the rapid reduction in size and the return of the uterus to a nonpregnant state.


Rather than forming a fibrous scar in the decidua, the placenta site heals by a process of ___________.

6 - 7 weeks

The placenta site can take up to _________ to completely heal.


The top portion of the uterus is situated in the midline midway between the symphysis pubis and umbilicus.

Boggy uterus

Is associated with excessive uterine bleeding, when blood collects and forms clots w/n the uterus and the fundus rises, firm contractions stop and form a ________________.

Lochia rubra

bright red; 2-3 days, no large clots (golf ball size).

lochia serosa

pinkish color; 3-10 days.

lochia alba

a creamy or yellowish dischage, persists for an additional week or two.

Diastasis recti abdominis

a separation of the abdominal muscle; inadequate support may result in a pendulous abdomen and increased maternal backache.


the characteristic sense of absorption, preoccupation, and interest in the infant demonstrated by fathers during early contact.


breast,uterus,bladder,bowel,lochia,episiotomy,homans, and emotional

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