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  1. tout
  2. axiom
  3. apotheosis
  4. touchstone
  5. assuage
  1. a self-evident rule or truth, a widely accepted saying
  2. b to praise highly, to brag publicly about
  3. c 진정시키다, 누그러뜨리다
  4. d the perfect example of something, elevation to divine status
  5. e a standard; a test of authenticity or quality

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  1. a shared principle or belief
  2. prolonged, bitter speech
  3. 얇은, 희박한, 가는
  4. 중재인, 조정자; 결정적 요소
  5. 인종 차별

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  1. apocryphal(저자, 작품 등의) 작자나 전거가 의심스러운,가짜의


  2. avarice탐욕, 허욕


  3. approbation공포, 전율, 놀람, 당황


  4. avow솔직히 인정하다


  5. antipathy번칙, 이상; 예외, 이례