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a set of written symbols that represent syllables.


warrior knights


chief general of the army


local lords ruled the land but were bound to higher lords and the emperor by ties of loyalty.


the great samurai.

Japanese society

clans, or groups of families descended from a common ancestor.

first ruling dynasty

the tenno clan led the union, descendants from the sun goddess Amaterasu.


gained power in japan in the 800's, the emperor became a figure head with religious duties but no real power.

structure of feudal japan

emperor -( no power) , shogun -samuri- peasant- artisans- craftsman- merchants

1st Europeans to reach Japan

Portuguese in 1543

Shoguns hostility to the Catholic missionaries

did not want Japanese christians to show loyalty to a foreign ruler- the pope

missionaries and christians in the 1600's

the government began persecuting foreign missionaries and Japanese christians

Shoguns in 1639

1. closed Japan to the world,
2.- foreigners could not enter
3. Japanese who left could not return,
4.outlawed the building of ocean going vessels.

excluded countries

Korea and China, policy lasted 200 years and US and other European nations put pressure on Japan to open its ports to the world.

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