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  1. when electrons are shared equally
    electronegativities are equal
  2. changes temperature very slowlyare stable in response to temperature changes of the surrounding air

    *when sweat evaporates, a large amount of heat is taken with it and cools your body
  3. when the electrons aren't shared equally
    unequal distribution of charges
    \electrons are closer to the atom with the greater electronegativity and produces a negative charge
  4. atoms that have positive or negative charges
  5. Adhesion is the attraction between the unlike substances
    demonstrates capillary action

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  1. Atomatoms that have positive or negative charges


  2. electronegativitytbe ability of an atom to attract an electron.
    most electronegative: F, O, N


  3. Hydrogen bondthe chemical bond that forms when electrons between atoms are shared
    occurs when electronegatives are similar


  4. Iceatoms that have positive or negative charges


  5. Properties of Water1. Universal Solvent
    2. High Heat Capacity
    3. Ice
    4. Strong Cohesion/High Surface Tension
    5. Adhesion