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a raised to the negative n
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Lateral surface area of cylinder2pi r times heightvolume of pyramid/ conearea of base times height divided by 3integerpositive, negative, 0non integercannot be a whole numbereven2nodd2n plus 1consecutiven plus 1 plus n plus 2ordered sample without replacementpermutationordered samplepermutationunordered samplecombinationsdependent eventprob of a times prob b given aindependent eventprob of a times prob of band probfulfill requirementsor probeither event prob added togetheroutcome=work over timesupplementary180complementary90sum of interior angles in tri180larger side in tri is...opposite of largest angleaddition of 2 sides of tri...greater than third sideside opposite of 30 degrees is...half of hypotenuselength of leg opposite of 60 degree is...x times square root of 3in 45-45-90 tri, hypotenuse is...x times square root of 2area of parallelogrambase times heightarea of rhombusSide 1 times side 2 over 2area of kitevertical line down times horizontal line across over 2inscribed angleVertex touches circ and sides are chords ofIf 2 inscribed angles are on the same arc...their angles are equalIf inscribed angles are on the same arc...Their angles are the sameWhat is a central angle?Angle that touches center and circArc Length Formula2 pi r times a over 360, where a is central angleA tangent to a circle is....A line that touches the circles circ at 1 pointthe point of tangency is...the point where the tangent touches the circThe place where a tangent meets circ a blank angle if formedA right angleIf segment a is a tangent it is blank to the circle.Tangent to the circleWhen there are 2 points of tangency, the at an intersectionWhen there are 2 tangents, their lengths are....EqualCircumscribe a circlePolygon inside circle whose sides are chordsInscribe a circlePolygon outside of circle, whose segments are tangentsFor a quad to inscribe a circle...Opposite angles must add up to 180For quad to circumscribe a circle...Sum of opposite side lengths should be equallateral surface area of prismPerimeter of base times heightTo find length of a diagonal line on graph...Use Pythagorean TherombisectCut in halfSurface area of a box2lw plus 2lh plus 2whSurface area of cube6 x squaredx raised to a over bB Times Square root of x, all raised to aa root of x raised to axn root of x times n root of yn root of x times yn root of x over yn root of x over n root of yto simplify radical...find prime factorization of radicandradicandNegative 2 squared Is...Negative 4Negative 2 in parentheses squared is...4a raised to 010 raised to n0 if n is positive0 raised to negative n1When multiplying or dividing inequality by negative numberSwitch signTo simplify radicalFactor radicandgraph equationy=mx+bpoint slope equationy-y1=m(x-x1)2 point equationy-y1=(y2-y1/x2-x1)(x-x1)slope equationy2-y1/x2-x1first step to factorfind multipleswhen quadratic factoring, find number that...multiplies to get product of first and last number, add to get x valueIn factoring , multiply to get the blank and add to get the blankLast number; middle numberQuadratic is in the form...Ax squared+by+cnumbers appearing more than once in a setshould be written as one numberunionunion means...what is in Set A combined with what is in Set Bintersectionintersection means...what is in both Set A and Set Ba union with a clear set is equal to....the original setan intersection with a clear set is equal to...a clear seta clear set's intersection with a clear set equals....a clear setA⋂A equalsA1 - P(A) is...the probability of an event NOT happeningif 2 events cannot occur at the same time....they are mutually exclusivemutually exclusive events do not...depend on each otherwhen 2 events cannot occur independently...they are mutually inclusivemutually inclusive events overlap that is subtractedif independent events need to be true at the same time, we...multiplymeanaveragemedianMiddle numbermodemost frequent numberrangethe difference between the highest and lowestSurface area of a sphere4 pi r squaredVolume of a sphere4 pi r cubed over 3b given aprob of a and b over prob of aThe cube root of a negative number isnegativeexponential growth formulay is equal to a times 1 plus or minus b raised to the x powerstandard form of a parabolay is equal to ax squared plus bx plus cwhat is the y intercept of the standard form of a parabolacHow to find axis of symmetryaverage of the 2 corresponding points.formula for vertex of a parabolanegative b over 2avertex form of a parabolay is equal to a times x minus h squared plus kFactored form of a parabolax minus a times x minus bsecond way to find x intercepts of parabolaset each binomial of factored form to 0 and solvehow to find y coordinate of vertexplug x coordinate into the functionwhich single digit numbers are not prime numbers?0 and 1arithmetic sequencea to the n is equal to the first term + the difference times the index minus onesum of arithmetic sequencelast term times last term plus 1 over 2can you add radicals?yes, if they have the same radicandinterquartile range?difference between the upper and lower quartiles.P(B|A)=P(A and B)/P(B)(f o g)(x)=f(g(x))if average increases by x, then...each number increases by xif each number increases by x, then....average increase by xnumber of numbers between x and y...highest minus lowest plus 1center of circle is..(h,k)Equation of a circle(x-h) squared+(y-k) squared=r² where (h,k) and (x,y) are pointsVenn diagram total(y-x) +(z-x) + z + ageometric sequencea1(r)^n-1