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PR 9

PR actions devised and used to influence relationships with publics; channel with a message
3rd Phase of PR
Tactic Types
messages and channels
tactics designed to deliver a message and influence a relationship
Goals of Tactics
clearly address receiver's values and interests
Types of Channels
special events, controlled media, uncontrolled media
Special Events
actions speak louder than words, designed for participants and observers, reach many publics
special events designed just to attract attention of news media
Controlled Media
employee newsletters, speeches, podcasts, brochures, web sites; have control of words and images as well as how message is sent and repeated; often used by special events
Uncontrolled Media
news media, individuals act as gatekeepers, choose what to release, valuable for sending message to target public; can initiate stories against your will
can select exact words and images but can lack credibility; can be expensive
credibility and costs not as problematic; can provide 3rd party endorsement; costs less; but you can't control
Tactics Qualities
part of written, approved PR plan tied to value based mission; target 1 public at the time; research target public's values, interests, and channels; send clear message that targets public and achieve organizations objectives; are specific; evaluated
important public; can communicate via face-to-face meetings, newsletters, magazines, videos, boards, speeches, intranets, email, instant messaging, and special events
News Media
intervening public; can communicate via news releases, media kits, media advisories, pitches, video news releases, actualities, news conferences, PSAs, guest editorials, letters to the editor, interviews, trade magazines
News Release
objective, straight-forward, unbiased news story; 90% get thrown away; need to have local interest, can't be too promotional; lack objectivity
Media Kits
packages a news release with other supporting documents such as fact sheets or backgrounders; have photo opp sheets; often a CD or DVD
written as stories for media kits
Media Advisory
use when stories take shape too quickly for news release; list important facts
persuasive message to a journalist to describe a human-interest story; target 1 medium; sometimes exclusive
video news release; distributed to TV stations; ready to broadcast; sometimes have unedited footage
sound bites for radio stations
News Conferences
scheduled meeting between organization representative and news media; only for highly newsworthy story, need to meet with reporters as a group, journalists will be glad to have come; ultimate uncontrolled media
created by nonprofit organizations
SMTs are satellite media tours; done off-location
technically organization's owners; includes stockholders and financial news media; use websites, newsletters, annual meetings, and annual reports
Community Groups
includes churches, schools, chambers of commerce; use volunteering, donations/scholarships, cause marketing, speeches, tours, and face-to-face meetings
Cause Marketing
addresses multiple publics, forms of social responsibility, creates good will
hugely important; use lobbyists, grassroots lobbying, political action committees, soft money, and disclosure documents
political action committees; donate money to candidates and parties; segregated funds or non-connected committees
where PR overlaps with marketing; use product-oriented news releases, special events, open houses, responses to customer contacts, and phone messaging
may be the most important public
use extranet, magazines, and trade magazines
Accomplishing Tactics
delegation, deadlines, quality control, communication within the team, communication with clients and supervisors, constant evaluation