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Estas son las palabras de columna B, Examen 7, para de 11/V/2012.

firmar el cheque

to sign the check

aportar ideas

to contribute ideas

liberar al rehén

to free the hostage

derrotar, vencer

to defeat

recurrir a

to resort to

cortarse el pelo

to get a haircut

meterse en los asuntos de otro

to butt in, to get involved in the affairs of another

dirijo, diriges

to lead, guide, direct

protejo, proteges

to protect

quepo, cabes

to fit into

recojo, recoges

to gather, pick up

ojalá que sí, que no

I hope so. I hope not

me alegro de que sea viernes

I'm happy that it's Friday

es sorprendente

it's surprising


to fix, tidy up, arrange

hacer ejercicio

to do exercise

quejarse de que

to complain about

intentar escapar

to try to escape

atiendo al paciente, al cliente

I assist the patient, the customer

asisto a la escuela

I attend school

Vivo a 7 millas de la escuela.

I live a distance of 7 miles from the school

Al doctor le importa que su paciente sobreviva

The doctor cares that his patient survives

temer que

to fear that

es una tontería que no nos haya ayudado

It's foolish that you haven't helped them.

malgastar la gasolina

to waste gasoline

estoy hambriento/a

I'm hungry

estoy exitosa/o

I'm successful

La operación de la CIA corre riesgos

The CIA operation runs risks

niego que me hayan visto

I deny that they have seen me.

Me niego a preparar la comida

I refuse to prepare the meal

soy capaz de tener un novio/una novia

I'm capable of having boy friend, girl friend

llevar a cabo un proyecto

to carry out/realize a project

exijo, exiges

to demand, require

escojo, escoges

to choose

sugiero, sugieres

to suggest

enterarse de

to find out about

Al doctor le conviene que muchos pacientes lo visiten

It suits the doctor that many patients visit him

Voy sin que sepas

I'm going without your knowing

Voy con tal de que vayas también

I'm going provided that you go too

Te llamaré a menos que no tenga mi celular

I'll call you unless I don't have my cell phone

en caso de que

in case that

a fin de que, para que

so that

antes de


está bien que vengas durante bloque C

It's fine that you come during block C

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