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  1. 5 dna
  2. Acetyl coa
  3. Citric acid cycle Krebs cycle
  4. Hcl dextrin small intestine
  5. Cytosol complete oxidation of glucose produce co2 and nadph no atp
  1. a What is added to the Pyruvate in the mitochondria to go into the Krebs cycle?
  2. b Ribose has how many carbons and are used for What?
  3. c Tca cycle also known as?
  4. d Pentose phosphate pathway occurs where? And does what ? Dosent produce what?
  5. e Stomach has what enzymes and goes to what next?

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  1. Aborbed and carried to liver? Enters tca cycle as succinyl coA? Precursor for glucose synthesis in ruminants ? All is?
  2. What enters tca cycle?
  3. Some is converted to ketones, can lead to keratosis, converted to acetyl coa in liver (oxidation via tea cycle, fatty acid synthesis) and is a precursor for milk and body fatty acids
  4. 2 propionate plus h20 is what?
  5. In aerobic conditions Pyruvate Productuion happens and how many ATP per glucose?

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  1. Synthesis of fatty acids steroids amino acidsTissues need nadph for what?


  2. Make glucosePancreas has what enzyme, blood has what?


  3. High grain dietHigh starch means?


  4. Makes amino acidsDeamination does what?


  5. High acetateHigh roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?


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