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  1. 38
  2. 5 dna
  3. Cytosol complete oxidation of glucose produce co2 and nadph no atp
  4. Propionic acid
  5. No
  1. a Is propionate higher than acetate In concentration?
  2. b 2 propionate plus h20 is what?
  3. c Once Pyruvate enters tca cycle how many ATP per glucose?
  4. d Ribose has how many carbons and are used for What?
  5. e Pentose phosphate pathway occurs where? And does what ? Dosent produce what?

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  1. Pancreas has what enzyme, blood has what?
  2. Where is acetate absorbed and carried?
  3. Butyrate Higher than propionate?
  4. Tca cycle is final pathway for what?
  5. Energy production from?

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  1. MethaneSome is converted to ketones, can lead to keratosis, converted to acetyl coa in liver (oxidation via tea cycle, fatty acid synthesis) and is a precursor for milk and body fatty acids


  2. Active transportMono gastric absorb carbs by what process?


  3. Mitochondria tca cycleButyrate plus co2 plus ch4 is what?


  4. Makes amino acidsTransamination does what?


  5. MethaneWhat is not usable by animals, 8-12% of ge intake lost, thought to contribute to greenhouse gas, some capturing for use, feed additives to reduce this ?