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  1. Glycolysis tca cycle electron transport chain
  2. Passive diffusion active diffusion.
  3. 2 atp
  4. No
  5. Energy mitochondria
  1. a Fadh+ h
  2. b Tca cycle produces what and is located where?
  3. c Ruminant absorb through what ? But if in small intestine what is it?
  4. d Energy production from?
  5. e Butyrate Higher than propionate?

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  1. Mouth has what enzymes and then goes to what next?
  2. 2 propionate plus h20 is what?
  3. Butyrate plus co2 plus ch4 is what?
  4. What enters tca cycle?
  5. Glyclosis happens where?

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  1. PropionateAborbed and carried to liver? Enters tca cycle as succinyl coA? Precursor for glucose synthesis in ruminants ? All is?


  2. Monosaccharides fatty acids amino acidsTca cycle is final pathway for what?


  3. Diet feed additivesYou can change propionate production by what?


  4. 3-hydroxbutryate rumen wa,,Butyrate is converted to what in where?


  5. 3 atpFadh+ h