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  1. Liver adipose tissue adrenal glands testes lactating mammary gland
  2. Vfas
  3. 2 atp
  4. Energy
  5. Acetyl coa
  1. a Ketones can be used for what?
  2. b Examples of nadph tissues?
  3. c Glucose breaks down to what to go into Krebs cycle?
  4. d What enters tca cycle?
  5. e Fadh+ h

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  1. Where are vfas absorbed?
  2. High starch means?
  3. Energy production from?
  4. Pentose phosphate pathway is source of ? Found where?
  5. Small intestine goes to what three structures next?

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  1. Make glucosePancreas has what enzyme, blood has what?


  2. Amylase glucoseGluconeogenesis does what ?


  3. 3 atpFadh+ h


  4. Fiber starch bacteria celllase vfas gasRumen has what in it?


  5. Pentose phosphate pathway?Precurores equal?