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  1. Fiber starch bacteria celllase vfas gas
  2. Acetyl coa
  3. No
  4. Pancreas blood large intestine
  5. Methane
  1. a Glucose breaks down to what to go into Krebs cycle?
  2. b These feed additives: monensin and lasalocid are added to reduce this?
  3. c Butyrate Higher than propionate?
  4. d Rumen has what in it?
  5. e Small intestine goes to what three structures next?

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  1. Tca cycle is final pathway for what?
  2. Precurores equal?
  3. Ketones can be used for what?
  4. Acetate is the highest concentration?
  5. What is added to the Pyruvate in the mitochondria to go into the Krebs cycle?

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  1. 8Once Pyruvate enters tca cycle how many ATP per glucose?


  2. Makes amino acidsDeamination does what?


  3. Additional ATP productionHigh forage diet has what vfa?


  4. Synthesis of fatty acids steroids amino acidsTissues need nadph for what?


  5. Citric acid cycle Krebs cycleTca cycle also known as?