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  1. independent stations
  2. dr disadvantages
  3. List broker
  4. radio disadvantage
  5. TV advantages
  1. a - locally based
    - can still use this for the national population
  2. b compsanies that compile and maintain various mailing lists and then sell them to marketers that are interested in the list
    - generally, the more specialized the list, the greater the cost
    - sale is for one time use
  3. c usually cost inefficient compared to toher media
    high absolute cost
  4. d sight and sounds
    cost efficient
    ability to buld high frequency
    possible short lead time
  5. e background medium
    sound nly
    short messge life
    fragmentation ( makes audience shares low)

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  1. = # of HH wathing it/ US TV HH's


    =cost per ad/ CPP

    = #persons exposed to vehicle/ #persons in universe x 100

    - percentage of HH or people exposed to an advertising medium or vehicle
  2. how much advertising is being done in camparison to competitors

    a calculation of any one advertiser's brand expenditures relative to the overall spending in a category.

    Share of Voice = one brand's advertising expenditures in a medium/total product category advertising expenditures in a medium
  3. - the percentage or number of household s capable of receiving a cable transmission
    - the cable term for coverage
    - US cable penetration is 87%
    - Network coverage is 99%
  4. the geographic area within which a signal from an originating television sation can be received
  5. shows brand's strengts and weaknesses using individual media and overall position in themedia marketpalce

    defined as a brand's percentage of total advertsing dollars spent within a category

    = (brand medium expenditure/ category medium expenditure) x 100

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  1. Affiliate stations- spot announcemnt
    - TV stations that have contracts with network stations


  2. Marketing objectivefocus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"


  3. Radio Advantagesrelatively inexpensive
    short time between media exposures and purchase
    builds frequency
    high summer exposure
    local appeal


  4. characterisitcs of an objectivefocus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"


  5. CDIBrand Development Index; determines the sales potential for a specific brand in a particular market area. The higher the BDI number, the greater the potential that exists.

    BDI= (% of brand to total U.S. sales in market / % of total U.S. population in market)x100