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  1. direct response
  2. Total Survey Area
  3. Media Mix
  4. TRPs
  5. CPP
  1. a = CPM X universe/ 1000

    = Total Cost/ Total GRPs

    how much it costs to buy one rating point or 1% of the population in the area being evaluated;

    =cost of ad time/program rating
  2. b = # of spots x rating
  3. c This term is used for radio. It is an area, but in the traditional sense not a market.
    It is composed of counties in which radio stations from an originating market have converage. for a county to be papart of a tsa people living in the ocunty must have established certain levels of listening tot he radio stations
  4. d en interactive system of marketing wich uses one or more advertising media to effect a measrueable response and/or transatction at any location
  5. e The blend of media used to communicate a message to a target audience.

    compare brand spending in media categories (e.g. do some put most of their budget into radio, while others focus more on national magazines?)

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  1. shows brand's strengts and weaknesses using individual media and overall position in themedia marketpalce

    defined as a brand's percentage of total advertsing dollars spent within a category

    = (brand medium expenditure/ category medium expenditure) x 100
  2. = # of HH wathing it/ US TV HH's


    =cost per ad/ CPP

    = #persons exposed to vehicle/ #persons in universe x 100

    - percentage of HH or people exposed to an advertising medium or vehicle
  3. = # of HH watching it/ US TV HH's watching TV
    =Rating (HH)/ HUT x 100

    - always larger than rating
    - percentage of HUT tuned to a particular station
    - percentage of HH tuned into one of the networks out of all HH's with TV turned on
    -Cable share is growing, network share is eroding
  4. focus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"
  5. = (cpp/ universe) x 1000

    = (total cost/ total gross impressions) x 1000

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  1. share of voicehow much advertising is being done in camparison to competitors

    a calculation of any one advertiser's brand expenditures relative to the overall spending in a category.

    Share of Voice = one brand's advertising expenditures in a medium/total product category advertising expenditures in a medium


  2. syndicators- they produce tv shows and sell them to networks
    - show sellers


  3. Networks= # of spots x rating


  4. independent stations- the percentage or number of household s capable of receiving a cable transmission
    - the cable term for coverage
    - US cable penetration is 87%
    - Network coverage is 99%


  5. TV advantagessight and sounds
    cost efficient
    ability to buld high frequency
    possible short lead time