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  1. BDI
  2. TRPs
  3. First Run syndication
  4. Advertising objective
  5. Off-network syndication
  1. a a distributor takes a program that has already been shown on network television and rents episodes to TV stations for local airing
  2. b refers to programming that is broadcast for the first time as a syndicated show (not any one particular network), or at least first so offered in a given country (programs originally created and broadcast outside of the United States, first presented on a network in their country of origin, have often been syndicated in the U.S. and in some other countries),

    original programming produced specifically for the syndicated television market
  3. c = # of spots x rating
  4. d Brand Development Index; determines the sales potential for a specific brand in a particular market area. The higher the BDI number, the greater the potential that exists.

    BDI= (% of brand to total U.S. sales in market / % of total U.S. population in market)x100
  5. e focus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"

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  1. usually cost inefficient compared to toher media
    high absolute cost
  2. usually focus on sales

    typeically staed by research in marketing plan
    what is to be accomplished by the overal plan in a given time period
    they are sometiems called direct objectives
  3. relatively inexpensive
    short time between media exposures and purchase
    builds frequency
    high summer exposure
    local appeal
  4. audience delivery goals such as who we are talking to when, etc. in order to meet all other objectives.

    areas to set them is target audience, creative requirements, reach and frequency, timing, geo, promotions, budget, etc..
  5. creative flexibliltiy
    unlimited geographic targetintg
    advertiser has control over production quality

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  1. Penetration- the percentage or number of household s capable of receiving a cable transmission
    - the cable term for coverage
    - US cable penetration is 87%
    - Network coverage is 99%


  2. syndicatorsbig broadcasitng companies


  3. brodcast coverage areaThis term is used for radio. It is an area, but in the traditional sense not a market.
    It is composed of counties in which radio stations from an originating market have converage. for a county to be papart of a tsa people living in the ocunty must have established certain levels of listening tot he radio stations


  4. coveragepercentage of HH that get the signal
    ABC has 99% coverage


  5. HUT/PUT=percentage of HH using TV at a given time of day

    = # of HH using TV during time period/ total HH in universe x 100