OAA Elements of Fiction Review

Authors Purpose
an author's reason for creating a piece of work,the purpose may be to explain/inform,entertain,or persuade.
is a person,animal,or imaginary creature that takes part in the action of the story.
Static Character
a character that stays the same through out the story;the character does not change or learn a lesson(AKA-Flat Character)
Dynamic Character
a character that changes throughout the story;the character learns from his or experiences(AKA-Round Character)
Main Character
an important character;the story cannot go on without them.
Minor Character
a character that is not important;the story cannot go on without them.
is the person,thing,or force that works against the protagonist.
is usually the main character of a story:the character most central to the action of the story.
is techniques an author uses to develop the personality or character in a literary work.
words spoken by a character in a literary work;usually they are inside "quotation marks".
is a form of language that is spoken in a particular place by a particular group of people.
the author interrupts the story to fill in necessary background information about the character,setting,or the problem/conflict.
the author gives hints or clues about what will happen later in the story.
a category of literature characterized by similarities in form,style,and subject matter.
is the feeling that the literary work gives to readers.
the action or sequence of events in a story.
Plot Diagram
is a tool used to keep track of the parts of the plot.
the first part of the plot,the characters and setting is introduced.
the struggle or problem that triggers the action.
Rising Action
a series of conflicts or struggles that build the story.
is the high point or turning point of the story;the most intense part of the story.
Falling Action
the conflict is beginning to be settled.
the ending of the story;the reader knows how the story ends.
Point of View
the vantage point from which the story is told.
1st Person
told by one of the characters;only knows the thoughts feelings of himself/herself(Author uses pronouns such as I or WE)
3rd Person Limited
told by a NARRATOR who is not a part of the story; this narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of t5he MAIN character(Author uses SHE,HE and THEY)
3rd Person Omniscient
told by a NARRATOR outside the story who knows what is happening in the minds of ALL the characters (Godlike narrator)
is the time and place in which the action of the story occurs; the where and when of a story.
is the way the author uses words,phrases,and sentences to express his or his ideas; includes the authors word choice,sentence structure,and/or other literary devices.
is a person,place,thing,or event used to represent something else.
the statement about life the author is trying to teach the reader; the overall meaning about life or lessons the author is trying to teach the reader(AKA-Moral)