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Inflammation of the urinary bladder often caused by bacterial infection that travels up to the urethra


herniation of the urinary bladder.In femals the protrusion pushes to the adjacent vagina


A stone or calkulos in the urinary bladder.If it's to large to pass through the urethra medical intervention is needed.


An involuntary release of urine which usually occurs due to a lack of bladder control.


A congenital defect resulting in the abnormal positioning of the urinary meatus


An inflammation of the glomeruli,usually caused by bacterial infection


Fluid blockage that caused the urine to back up and cause distension of the renal pelvis.


Change location of the urinary meatus.In males it opens on the underside of the penis,by females the meatus is within the vagina


inability to control urination.In stress incontinence an involuntary discharge of urine occurse during a cough,sneeze,or strain movement


inflammation of the kedney which can lead to glomerulonephritis


Wilm's tumor originating from kidney tissue that includes developing embrionic cells.


the presence of one or more stones within a kidney


general term for a tumor arising from kidney tissue


an abnormal enlargement of one or both kidneys


the condition of "downward" displacement of a kidney.It occurs when the kidney is no longer held in its proper position(against the posterior abdominal wall)


a kidney condition characterised by numeros cysts(fluid) occupying much of the kidney tissue.The cysts replace the kidney tissue,resulting in loss of funktion


inflammation of the renal pelvic


inflammatory condition of the renal pelvic and nephrons


this is an abnormal narrowing.


an excess of urea and other nitrogenous wastes are present in the blood.It is caused by failure of the kidneys to remove the urea.


inflammation of the ureters(the tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder)


herniated ureter


the presence of one or more stones or calkuli in the ureter.

urinary retention

the abnormal accumulation of urine within a urinary bladder.The condition results from the unability to void

urinary suppression

An acute stoppage of urine formation by the kidneys.The condition is consequence of acute renal failure

urinary tract infection

infection of the ureter and the urinary bladder.Some of the symptoms are fever,dysuria,lumbal and abdomonal pain.More common by females,caused by staphylococci or E colli bacteria.

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