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a collection of data that is stored together


keep files organized by grouping them together


another name for folders

.jpg, .gif, .bmp

extensions representing graphic files

.txt, .doc, .html

extensions representing text files


Compressed files used in order to save disk space


a measurement of stored data

8 bits

=1 byte (B)

1,000 bytes

=1 Kilobyte (KB)

1,000 KB

=1 Megabyte (MB)

1,000 MB

=1 Gigabyte (GB)

the drive

The first part of a file address; has a colon after it.

the folder(s)

the second part of a file address

the filename

last part of a file address; includes the file extention

the local hard drive

usually represented by the letter "C"

the removable disk (memory stick)

usually represented by the letters "E" and "F"

the cd drive

usually represented by the letter "D"

the floppy disk drive

usually represented by the letter "A"

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