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The Times

(400AD-1450AD) Middle Ages aka
Dark Ages
(MA) life revolved around the
Catholic Church
(MA) Pope considered____ to _____ and he exercised_____ _____
2nd, God, ultimate authority
(MA) King____ to the______, appointed by______
second, Pope,God
Benedicts Rule
525AD all Monks must be able to read...
the bible
525AD schools established in abbeys for the
universities established
787AD all ______ tied to
1200-1300AD spread of ________people ________ ancient Greek wisdom to Europe
Islamic, reintroduces
(1450-1600AD) rebirth in_____
(1450-1600AD) more people can read_____, and they find that the____ and what the ____ say are not the same
Bible, Bible, priests
(1450-1600AD)______ leads Protestant reformation
Martin Luther
(1450-1600AD)___________ manipulates Church of England for his own purposes, no supernatural consequences
King Henry 8th
(1450-1600AD) known as the "celebrations of a unique human mind"
humanist movement
(1450-1600AD) have power to change your ____ or ______.
life, community
(1450-1600AD) not so much the ____ __ ___ anymore
will of God
The Enlightenment/Age of Reason
(Englight.) ________ leader, founding Father of U.S.
Thomas Paine
(Enlight.) all learning can be based on using ______ and _________(which is supreme)
senses, reasoning
(Enlight.) move away from _____ and toward______, seek God's divinity in _____
Church, nature, nature
Carl von Linne aka _____ _______
Carolus Linnaeus
Linnaeues father of _________, and _______
taxonomy, binomial nomenclature
Linnaeus grouped organisms based on ________ sim. and diff.
Linnaeus introduced concept of ________ among organisms
James Hutton, 1795, is a _______, presented ideas on ______
geologist, gradualism
geographical features are the result of slow geological processes that occur gradually over millions of years
gradualism removed ________ elements, contradicts belied that Earth is only_____ yrs. old
supernatural, 6000
Jean Baptiste Lamarck, 1809, _______ theory, 1st to propose that orgs. can ______
Evolution, change
George Cuvier, father of ________, _______ and ______ fossils found in plaster mines
Paleontology, collected, studied
Cuvier suggested Catastrophism which is said that each population was destroyed by _____ _____ , and replaced by another
natural disaster
Cuvier was first to propose that ________
orgs. can go extinct
Charles Lyell, 1830, wrote principles of _______
Lyell expanded Hutton's gradualism into __________
geological features as result of geological phenomeina that take place over millions of years
Earth is changing at ___ rate that it used to
Charles Darwin surprised to see _____ because he thought he was gonna see ____ and saw ____
llamas, goats, camals
Darwin voyaged to __________ as ____________
South America, companion of captain
Darwin goes on voyage to_____________as captain _______
collect plants, animals, and fossils, maps coast
members of pop. can't travel back and forth from mainland to island
Alfred Wallace developed same theory as ______ by studying in the _________, Wallace published it first, but ______ still gets credit because he had lifetime of ______
Darwin, East Indies, Darwin, research
Darwin conclusion 1
all population have reproductive ability to increase size over generations
Darwin conclusion 2
eventually there will be more organisms in a population then resources can provide for
Darwin conclusion 3
within population, individuals have same trait which are heritable
Darwin conclusion 4
heritable traits occur in slightly varied forms
differential reproductive success
some phenotypes give advance and allow increased ability to survive and reproduce
Darwin's Final Theory
individuals with differential rep. success will produce more offspring increasing the # of individual carrying alleles that confer this advantage