All living and nonliving things that interact with one another in a particular area make up a...?
a. ecosystem
b. world
c. space
d. tree of life
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What is a population? A. A group of organisms that are physically similar B. Members of one species that live in a certain area C. The amount of aliens on Mars D. A group of itemsMembers of one species that live in a certain areaWhat is a community? A. A TV show B. My neighborhood C. Members of one species that live in a certain area D. Hays is a communityMembers of one species that live in a certain areaWhat makes up an ecosystem? A. Animals B. Humans C. Trees D. Communities and abiotic factors E. All of the aboveAll of the aboveWhat is the correct order? A. Species, Community, Population B. Population, Species, Community C. Community, Population, Species D. Population, Community, SpeciesSpecies, Community, PopulationWhat is the definition of a producer? A. Someone that produces supplies B. An organism that takes things from other organisms C. An organism that can make its own food. D. An organism in an ecosystemAn organism that can make its own foodWhat is an example of a producer? A. A plant B. A dog C. A human D. A catA plantWhat is the producers role in an ecosystem? A. They help others fight B. They are a source of food for others C. They grow and have no purpose D. They produce musicThey are a source of food for othersCan consumers create their own food? A. No B. Yes C. MaybeNoWhy do consumers eat other organisms? A. Because they taste good B. Because they gain energy C. To spend energy D. Because they were hungryBecause they gain energyWhat does a decomposer do? A. They die B. Provide animals as a food source C. Keep the areas clean D. Breaks down the waste of other organismsBreaks down the waste of other organismsWhat would happen if an ecosystem only had producers and consumers? A. It would be recycled as fertilizer B. Producers and Consumers would eat the waste and matter C. Waste and matter would build up D. It would disappear magicallyWaste and matter would build upWhat can decomposition be related to? A. Throwing things away B. Recycling C. Eating D. ReusingRecyclingWhat is an example of a decomposer? A. Bacteria B. Fungi C. Some insects D. Snails E. All of the aboveAll of the aboveWhat flows through an ecosystem to keep it healthy? A. Air B. Energy C. Water D. PeopleEnergyWhat does energy start with? A. Water B. Wind C. Sunlight D. LavaSunlightWhat does the sunlight become? A. Food for producers B. Food for us C. Sunlight for people to tan in D. LightFood for producersDoes energy stop moving or continue? A. Stop B. Continue C. NeitherContinueHow do you show the movement of energy? A. Through food chains B. Through food webs C. A&B D. None of the aboveA&BWhat is a food web? A. A way to show food chain relationships B. A web that spiders eat in C. A way for people to see how energy flows in an ecosystem D. A & C E. None of the aboveA & CHow many ways can a food chain show energy movement? A. Four ways B. Six ways C. One way D. Every wayOne wayWhich is better, a food chain or food web? A. Food web B. Food chain C. NeitherFood webWhat are the levels of a consumer? A. First-level B. Second level C. Third level D. All of the above E. None of the aboveAll of the aboveCan an organism switch back and forth in the food web? A. Yes B. NoYesCan a second-level consumer eat a third-level consumer? A. Yes B. No C. Why should we tell it what to eat?No