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Mrs. Keetons Review

What is the most important reason for preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance helps protect equipment from future problems

Why would you Upgrade your bios?

If your computer is being prepared for update and it lacks support for newer hardware devices

Your a technician performing preventive maintenance on a PC, you turn it on and have a black screen. During a visual inspection you see 2 vidoe cords. What is the cause of the black screen?

video connector has been disabled

If you want to update your video adapter, what is the first thing you consider?

available compatatible expansion slots on the motherboard

If you had device with external connection needing a transfer rate of 700 Mbps, what would you use?

IEEE 1394 ---> firewire
(transfers @ 100,200 or 400. B transfers @ 800)

Why would a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap?

to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging components

What is an advantage of a solid state drive (ssd)?

it is less prone to failure than traditional drive because it has no moving parts

If you are having problems with a new removable external drive, what two things would you check?

-ensure the correct drivers are installed
-check if external ports are enabled in BIOS settings

If a customer requires computer storage system that uses no more than 2 drives for redundacy, which type of RAID should you install?

RAID 1 with disk mirroring

When would you use the F8 key?

to restore the settings

In Windows Vista if the search feature takes longer than expected to find results, what could be the possible solution?

change the settings of the index services on the advanced options panel

Which Windows protocol would a technician use to view the screen and take control of another computers keyboard and mouse?

remote desktop protocol

If a technician uses an application to capture packets on a network and 1 of the packets reveals the password of a previous user, what what would the tech reccomend to the person using telnet?

to enable network device use of SSH instead of telnet

In Windows XP, what is the path that allows user to make changes to the boot.ini file?

start> right click My Computer> select properties> advanced tab> click settings> edit

What is the purpose of a setupmgr.exe file?

helps prepare answer file to automate the installation of Windows XP

What does Sysprep do?

prepares computer for imaging

What are 2 things that can cause remote installation (RIS) to fail?

-the network shared folder is not accessable
-pxe capable NIC is not installed

What is the path to stop Windows XP print spooler?

start>control panel> administrative tools> computer management> services

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