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American/Haitian Revolutions


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Background to the American Revolution
-high literacy
-many colonial leaders were self made
-no direct poltiical representation in Parliament
-colonists boycotted British goods
-BEIC was granted a monopoly
Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776
stated the independence of the colonies from the British
American Revolution
Only won with the help of the French
Seven Years War
cost was expensive
British won, but had heavy debts, and decided to push those debts onto the colonies as well
Treaty of Paris
Recognized the colonies as an independent country
causes of the American Revolution
1. growing sense of patrotism and national identity
2. resentment of Britain's economic policies
3. desire for the middle class to "better" itself
4. influence of Enlightenment philosophy
background to the Haitian Revolution
-originally known as Saint-Domingue
-was $$
-agriculture based
-influenced by the Enlightenment
Social Groups in Haiti
Gens de Couleur
Social group in Haiti.
consisted of planters and Petit Blancs
those who owned the lands and actually owned the slaves who grew the cash crops
extremely wealthy
Petit Blancs
the other group of whites
were artisans, small shopkeepers
were often poor
Gens de couleur
free people of color
could often be wealthy
considered themselves french
had no political representation in the government back in France
most of the population
brutally treated
no representation
runaway slaves
were very suspicious
lived in isolated areas
Causes of the Haitian Revolution
-constant slave rebellions
-white planters/gens de couleur united for political/economic interests
-the French Revolution
-Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
beginning of the Haitian Revolution
slave rebellion
leader= Toussaint L'Ouverture
whites + free blacks to put down revolt
all free blacks were granted citizenship
Toussaint L'Ouverture
literate, well read, talented commander
wanted to liberate all slaves
hoped that Haiti would be an autocracy, but friendly with France
was later arrested and died in prison
August 29 1793
All slaves were freed
ratified by French National Assembly in Feb. 1974
May 1794
L'Ouverture returns to the French side, and the British are defeated in October 1798
Which 2 countries intervened during the Haitian Revolution?
France and Britian
October 1801
France signed a peace treaty with Britain
Were Napoleon's troops successful in regaining Haiti? Why or why not?
no, because almost all the French troops died because of yellow fever and guerilla warfare.
his troops withdrew
January 1, 1804
Haiti is independent
2nd Republic in the Americas
Why is the Haitian Revolution so important?
1. inspired rebellion elsewhere in Latin America
2. Because of his failure with Haiti, Napoleon decided not to maintain major colonies in the New World
this indirectly caused Napoleon to go through with the Louisiana Purchase