28 terms

Sylfaen Unit 11

to happen
to wake up
to be born
good heavens
to bring up, to raise
yr un ... â
the same ... as
Ges i fy ngeni yn Abertawe
I was born in Swansea
Ges i fy ngeni yn y pumdegau
I was born in the fifties
Ble gest ti dy eni?
Where were you born? (informal)
Ble gaethoch chi eich geni?
Where were you born? (formal)
Pryd gest ti dy eni?
When were you born? (informal)
Pryd gaethoch chi eich geni?
When were you born? (formal)
Gaeth e ei eni yng Nghymru
He was born in Wales
Gaeth hi ei geni yn yr Alban
She was born in Scotland
Ble gaeth e ei eni?
Where was he born?
Ble gaeth hi ei geni?
Where was she born?
Gaeth e ei fagu yng Nghaerdydd.
He was brought up in Cardiff.
Gaeth hi ei magu ym Mangor.
She was brought up in Bangor.
Gaeth John ei weld
John was seen
Gaeth e ei dalu
He was paid
Gaeth Siân ei gweld
Siân was seen
Gaeth hi ei chlywed
She was heard
Gaeth hi ei dihuno
She was woken.
Beth ddigwyddodd i John?
What happened to John?
Gaeth hi ei stopio gan yr heddlu? Do.
Was she stopped by the police? Yes.
Gaeth hi ei thalu.
She was paid