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Quizzes (test 3)

Internal Integration
The culture of an organization can make interpersonal interactions easier because employees understand each other.
Affirmative Action
A policy requiring employers to be proactive in being certain that equal opportunity exists for all within their organization.
1964 Civil Rights Act
Harassment (a hostile work environment) is prohibited under
DuPont Corporation is widely respected for one of its corporate values that can be traced to the organization's founder. That value is?
A Restricted Policy
The hiring procedures at State Farm Insurance Company specified that only males should be hired as State Farm insurance agents. As a result, State Farm paid monetary damages to women who were not hired. In this case, adverse impact was established using:
Performance Appraisal
The process of observing and evaluating an employee's performance, recording the assessment, and providing feedback to the employee is referred to as
Ninety qualified white males applied for employment and 54 were selected for employment. If 200 qualified members of a protected class apply for the same job, what is the minimum number that should be selected to avoid adverse impact?
Assessment Centers
A technique for selecting individuals with high managerial potential based on their performance on a series of simulated managerial tasks is called.
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Which of the following restricts mandatory retirement?
Family and Medical Leave Act require employers to provide up to __ weeks unpaid leave for childbirth, adoption, or family emergencies.
Job Satisfaction
Refers to a positive attitude towards one's job
Michael Vick
As discussed in class, the Wonderlic Personnel Test is a measure used by the National Football League to assess prospective football players. Which player had the lowest Wonderlic score?
Organization Citizenship
Refers to work behavior that goes beyond job requirements and contributes to the organization.
High internal locus of control
Individuals who believe that they control their own destiny are described as having a:
Cognitive Dissonance
A top executive at a cigarette manufacturing company believes that cigarettes are dangerous products and they kill people. This condition can be described as:
Which of the following refers to the tendency to see one's own personal traits in other people?
Business necessity
When the score on a selection test is related to job performance, a company can justify its use if the test. This form of legal defense is referred to as:
Prison Guard
The realistic job preview shown in class dealt with the job of
General Cognitive Ability
Intelligence quotient or IQ is more properly referred to as:
Need for achievement
Persons who prefer tasks of intermediate difficulty, prefer to have control over results, and want rapid feedback are high in:
Means being unpretentious and modest rather than arrogant and prideful
Concern for people and concern for production
The leadership Grid described in your text used two leader behaviors that were called
The effect of the leader's power on the leader himself/herself
The Zimbardo study discussed in class dealt with
Level 5
The leader who builds an enduring great organization through a combination of personal humility and professional resolve is a ___ leader
It is filtered
Which of the following is characteristic of upward information flow in an organization where the information has a high potential for negative impact?
Decentralized Network
Refers to a team communication structure in which team members freely communicate with one another and arrive at decisions
Which of the following sources of power depends on the leader's ability to monitor or closely supervise the subordinate's behavior?
The source of power that stems from a formal management position and the authority granted to its is
Which of the following types of communication is most likely to contain information on an organization's problems and exceptions?
Which type of leader clarifies the role and task requirements of subordinates?