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The Enlightenment "Age of Reason", Industrial Revolution in Eng

scientific revolution

focus on pure thought-astronomers

deductive and inductive reasoning=?

- use logic
-perform research
-Scientific Method

2 scientific contributors

Rene Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon

Rene Descartes- info, wrote what

Fr. father of philosophy, deductive; Discourse on Method (challenge everything, "I think therefore I am."

Sir Francis Bacon-info, wrote what

Eng, inductive; Novum Organum- laws of nature

3 Astronomers

Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton

Nicholas Copernicus-from, belief

Polish, sun=center universe-heliocentric theory; Cath said Earth center(geocentric) called heretic

Galileo Galilei- prof of what, where, father of, published what-result

prof. of physics, Univ of Padua(Italy); physics, astronomy, and science; Dialogue(follower of Copernicus)-books burned, house arrest(Pope)

Sir Isaac Newton-from, wrote ___ aka___, prof where, discover what

Eng, Philosophae Naturalis Principlia Mathematica (Principles), Cambridge, theory of universal gravitation

Development in arts led to what age

Neoclassic Age-emotion art brings out

Jacques Louis David works

"Death of Socrates," "Death of Marat"

Neoclassic Architecture

ount Vernon(Washington's), Jefferson's Monticello, The Brandenburg Gate(Berlin)

Johan Sebastian Bach

prolific German organist

George Friedrich Handel-from __ performs in__, makes ___ which are ___, produces ___

German, Eng, cantatas- plays with no lines, "Messiah"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-from __, how many pieces

Austrian, over 600

Joseph Haydn-Austrian - nickname

"father of the symphony"

Jonathan Swift wrote

Gulliver's Travels


God created the world and let it go, natural religion, no miracles, prayers ineffective

John Locke-from, wrote, includes

Eng, Two Teatisies on Government, people born with unalienable rights (Dec of Ind)

Jean Jacques Rousseau-wrote, quote

The Social Contract, "man is free everywhere in chains" (principles of Consti)

Adam Smith-from, wrote, which said

Scotland, The Wealth of Nations, wealth not measured gold and silver but in total production

who coins term Industrial Revolution?

Arnold J. Toynbee

What causes Europe's population increase?

Mass production-importing cotton

Eng transportation and other good things

roads and canals, flexible political system, highest per capita income, decline in mortality(better care, more food, better sanitation)

Eng negatives

repetitive tasks, factory system-factory towns, young girld sent, $ only good there, pay rent; working conditions, 12-15 people per room, poor diet alco>food, ileg kids

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