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Tiguas and Jumanos
lived in the Mountain and Basin region
La Salle
established Fort Louis
Alvarez de Pineda
explored the Gulf coast of Texas making maps of the coast along the way
defeated the Aztex empire and established the first colony in thge New World
Plains Indians
skilled horsemen who used buffalo for food, clothing and shelter
legend of the Seven Cities of Gold
no gold was found
gave Texas its name
Coahuiltecans, Karankawas, and Atakapans
ate fish and shellfish
Coastal Plains region
region had plenty of rainfall
Spanish colonizers of Texas where this
primarily Catholic
first Spanish mission
ravaged by disease and failed
local government
who contolled the spanish missions in Texas
major goals of Spainish missions
teach Christianity and hold onto Spanish land
least likely Indian tribe to help friars at the missions
La Salle's first expedition from Fort St. Louis
took him south, further into Texas
La Belle
the name of La Salle's ship