apush ch. 39 terms

john f. kennedy
president assassinated in Texas; involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis
robert f. kennedy
Attorney General during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinated by Sirhan Biashara Sirhan
robert s. McNamara
US Secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Johnson, became discouraged by lack of America's success in the war. Wanted to end it.
Charles de Gaulle
French general and statesman, the leader of the Free French forces in exile
Martin Luther King Jr.
AfricanAmerican civil rights leader, "I Have A Dream" speech
Lee Harvey Oswald
United States assassin of JFK, shot by Jack Ruby
Lyndon B. Johnson
The US president who privately wanted to stay out of Vietnam but sent soldiers because his goal was to stop the spread of communism
Barry Goldwater
senator of AZ, LBJ beat in the election
Malcom X
Encouraged violence and wanted separate black communities, converted to a Black Muslim in jail
Hubert H. Humphrey
Vice president elected in 1964, Politics of Joy
George Wallace
Four time governor of Alabama. Most famous for his pro-segregation attitude and as a symbol for states' rights.
peaceful coexistence
for two nations to tolerate each other enough to where nothing will result in war, how Krushchev described U.S and soviet
new frontier
The "new" liberal and civil rights ideas advocated by Kennedy, in contrast to Eisenhower's conservative view.
peace corps
a civilian organization sponsored by the United States government, controlled by JFK
Bay of Pigs
Failed invasion of Cuba planned by the US government, wanted to overthrow Castro.
War on Poverty
President Lyndon B. Johnson's program in the 1960's, provide greater social services for the poor and elderly
Great society
LBJ's policies of fighting poverty and racial injustice, the term for the domestic programs of the Johnson administration
cuban missile crisis
the 1962 confrontation bewteen US and the Soviet Union over Soviet missiles in Cuba, brought the U.S. and Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war.
24th amendment
eliminated the poll tax as a voting requirement
Tet offensive
surprise attacks on cities all over South Vietnam, no safe place