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When did fish originate
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Placodermarmored jawed fishes like DunkleosteusCartilaginous Fishsharks and raysLand dwelling anthropods in the DevonianScropiansEvolution order of fish to amphibiansPanderichthys (lobe-finned)s to Tiktaalik Rosaea (fish a pod) to Tetrapods (like Acanthostega to Amphibians (IcthyostegaOldest amphibianIcthyostegaReptiles evolved fromLabyrinthodont amphibiansWhy are amniotic eggs important for reptiles?This was important in order for reptiles to colonize dry landsPelycosaurs evolved fromearly reptilesTherapsids evolve from1. Pelycosaurs like DimetrodonWhy is the fin on the Pelycosaurs important?it was used as a sexual display and a thermoregulatory device raising the reptiles temperature by catcihg sun rays or cooling by facing windWhy are Therapsids important?They were the stock that gave raise to mammalsTrue or false Was the first land plants nonvasucularTrueThe first vascular plants had seeds true or falseFalseWhy are seeds important?Allows the plants to reproduce without open waterAre seed ferns extinct?YesPermian Extinction resultsLost 90% of all marine invertebrates, >65% of land animals, 65% of amphibians and reptilesPermian extinctionextinction at the end of the Paleozoic Period; the biggest mass extinction the world has ever seenWhat cause the Permian extinctionFlood basalts in Siberia, CO2 increased, global warmingWhy was the development of seeds important?allowed plants to decrease their dependency upon water for reproduction