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normal horse heart rate

32 - 48

normal horse respiration

8 - 16

normal horse body temperature

99.5 - 101.5

the color grullo for a horse

mouse grey wl dorsal stripe and black points

the color bay for a horse

tan to red with black points

possible colors for palomino bred to palomino

palomino, sorrow, or carmello

possible colors for sorrel bred to cremello


lethal white and what cross may produce one

overo-O to O, fatal, dies shortly after birth due to impaction

what is the chance a roan to roan foal will die in uterus

RR trait is lethal, 1/4 chance will die in uterus. if not, shortly after birth

main concerns with a horse for a young inexperienced rider

training, sex, attitude, age

to prevent founder after a workout

cool horse down, only a few sips of water

to prevent capped hovcks when transporting

pad trailer or wrap hocks of horse

may cause heaves

dust, severe exersion of horse not in condition, respiratory infection

monkey mouth

severe underbite

parrot mouth

severe overbite


doesn't effect serviceability


does effect serviceability

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