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  1. What did the Treaty of Kanagawa do? (4 things)
  2. What did the outcome of the Boxer Rebellion force China to do?
  3. What were the Hundred Days Reforms? (7 main things)
  4. How many Chinese ports were under foreign control by 1900?
  5. What did Matthew Perry do in 1853?
  1. a He arrived in Tokyo and aimed its guns on the capital of Tokyo to open relations trading.
  2. b Emperor Gangxu launched a sweeping program to transform China into a constitutional monarchy, guarantee civil liberties, root out corruption, remodel the education system, encourage foreign influence in China, modernize the military, and stimulate economic reforms.
  3. c Granted US trading rights, opened ports, granted foreigners extraterritoriality and Japan lost all rights to place tariffs on goods.
  4. d 90 ports
  5. e China was forced to pay reparations and allow foreign powers to station troops in Beijing and other cities.

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  1. Gave the US the right to be an international police power in the Western Hemisphere.
  2. Offered Colombia, which opened panama, $ 10 million upfront and an annual payment for the right to build a canal in Panama.
  3. It was used as a pain killer and it came from poppy seeds.
  4. Britain, Netherlands, and Russia
  5. Germany, France, G.B., Japan and Russia

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  1. What did the Treaty of Portsmouth do?It forced Russia to stay out of Korea and Manchuria.


  2. How did China modernize during this movement?The built modern shipyards, railroads, weapons industries, steel foundries, and opened science academies.


  3. What led to the Russo-Japanese war? Who won?Because the Spanish were imprisoning the Cubans in concentration camps but really the US had businesses in Cuba.


  4. When did the canal officially open?Forced China to give Hong Kong to Britain and grant extraterritoriality to British and U.S. citizens.


  5. Who won the civil war in Japan? How did they do this?Tokugawa opponents won due to the use of militia units trained by foreign experts and armed with imported weapons.