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  1. Why did the Mejia gov't send students to Europe and the U.S.?
  2. What did Jose Marti do in 1895?
  3. What was China's population by 1900?
  4. What city did the Taipings capture in 1853?
  5. How big was Japan's army by 1890?
  1. a 500,000
  2. b To understand industrialization which would improve Japan's military and Japan also wanted to be equal with foreign powers.
  3. c Nanjing
  4. d 475 million people
  5. e He returned and launched a second war for Cuban independence.

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  1. 12 million Chinese people
  2. Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines
  3. The American continents were closed for further European colonization.
  4. 13,000 miles
  5. extension

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  1. What did the Treaty of Portsmouth do?It forced Russia to stay out of Korea and Manchuria.


  2. How did G.B. finally win the Opium War?The British attacked the Grad Canal by going up the Yangtze River which called Chinese gov't to surrender.


  3. Why did thousands of workers die in the 10 year construction period of the canal?Malaria, Yellow Fever, Bubonic Plague, and Extreme Heat


  4. What did Fukuzawa Yukichi write about?Forced China to give Hong Kong to Britain and grant extraterritoriality to British and U.S. citizens.


  5. Why were Chinese peasants angry?He called for the destruction of the Qing Dynasty, the abolition of private property, the creation of communal wealth to be shared, the prohibition of foot binding, free public education, and literacy for everyone.