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  1. What was the slogan of the movement?
  2. What did Panama give the U.S. in 1903?
  3. How did Empress Cixi go against the movement?
  4. Who did the Chinese gov't appoint to destroy the opium trade? How many chests did he destroy? What was Britain's response?
  5. What 3 other countries won trading rights in Japan?
  1. a Britain, Netherlands, and Russia
  2. b Chinese learning at the base, Western learning for use.
  3. c 10 mile wide zone to build the canal
  4. d She diverted funds intended for the navy to build a marble boat for private garden.
  5. e Lin Zexu destroyed 20,000 chests which caused the Opium War. The British was winning with its advanced navy and military with attacks but the Chinese didn't sue for peace.

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  1. led to large numbers of samurai flocking to the old capital of kyoto where they rallied around the slogan "revere the emperor, expel the barbarians."
  2. 90 ports
  3. Forced China to give Hong Kong to Britain and grant extraterritoriality to British and U.S. citizens.
  4. It was where foreigners were not subject to Chinese laws.
  5. Germany, France, G.B., Japan and Russia

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  1. What is a corollary?extension


  2. What led to the Russo-Japanese war? Who won?Because the Spanish were imprisoning the Cubans in concentration camps but really the US had businesses in Cuba.


  3. What were the Hundred Days Reforms? (7 main things)Emperor Gangxu launched a sweeping program to transform China into a constitutional monarchy, guarantee civil liberties, root out corruption, remodel the education system, encourage foreign influence in China, modernize the military, and stimulate economic reforms.


  4. What did the outcome of the Boxer Rebellion force China to do?It forced Russia to stay out of Korea and Manchuria.


  5. Why did thousands of workers die in the 10 year construction period of the canal?Malaria, Yellow Fever, Bubonic Plague, and Extreme Heat


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