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  1. What power did the Chinese gov't give local leaders during the Self-Strengthening movement?
  2. Where does opium come from? What did Chinese doctors use it for?
  3. What did the Monroe Doctrine state?
  4. What did the Japanese gov't copy from the U.S. and Europe?
  5. What did the Roosevelt Corollary do?
  1. a It was used as a pain killer and it came from poppy seeds.
  2. b G.B's navy, Germany's army and US's power of universal education
  3. c The authority to raise troops, levy taxes, and run bureaucracies.
  4. d The American continents were closed for further European colonization.
  5. e Gave the US the right to be an international police power in the Western Hemisphere.

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  1. led to large numbers of samurai flocking to the old capital of kyoto where they rallied around the slogan "revere the emperor, expel the barbarians."
  2. 13,000 miles
  3. China was forced to pay reparations and allow foreign powers to station troops in Beijing and other cities.
  4. Germany, France, G.B., Japan and Russia
  5. 1914

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  1. What did Cuba do in 1868? Did this work?Japan sent advisors who took away power from the Korean gov't, disbanded Korea's army, and brought Korea under direct Japanese control by annexing it.


  2. How many Chinese people were addicted by 1835?475 million people


  3. What led to the Russo-Japanese war? Who won?Russia and Japan argued over Japan's presence in Manchuria. Japan offered to recognize Russia's rights in Manchuria if Russia promised to stay out of Korea and Russia refused. Japan won.


  4. Why did the U.S. declare war on Spain?Because the Spanish were imprisoning the Cubans in concentration camps but really the US had businesses in Cuba.


  5. What 3 other countries won trading rights in Japan?Britain, Netherlands, and Russia


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