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  1. The Holy Grail
  2. Quest
  3. Lady Igraine
  4. Celtic Mythology
  5. Sir Galahad
  1. a The Mythology of Celtic Polytheism. It was the religion of the Iron Age Celtics. It did not really survive the Roman Empire.
  2. b Serum that makes you immortal.
  3. c Mother of King Arthur. Wife of Uther Pendragon.
  4. d A mission for a individual.
  5. e (Arthurian legend) the most virtuous knight of the Round Table

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  1. a code that knights adopted in the late Middle Ages; requiring them to be brave, loyal and true to their word; they had to fight fairly in battle, and pay respect to women
  2. -Best of all Arthur's knights
    -Son of Sir Ban of Benwick (France)
    -In love with Guinevere
    -Father of Sir Galahad
  3. Invasion of England, lead by William the Conquer (The Duke of Normandy)
  4. Ruler of Camelot, fighter of the Saxons, a great king who brought peace and unity to England for years. He is always portrayed as a good and just man. Married to Queen Guinevere.
  5. One of the greatest knights, no other knights in as many tales.

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  1. MerlinBlissful world of the dead (Celtic Mythology) Also means a type of island.


  2. Excaliburthe legendary sword of King Arthur. It was a gift from Avalon.


  3. MordredMostly a wizard though he is many different things, such as a prophet and bard. Teacher in Vortigern's court.


  4. Sir Thomas MaloryEnglish writer who published a translation of romances about King Arthur taken from French and other sources (died in 1471)


  5. Uther PendragonSerum that makes you immortal.


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