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What is the Silk Road? Which Chinese empire opened it? How did the empire do
A network of trade routes that stretched for more than four thousand miles across Asia. The Han Empire opened the Silk Road by defeating the nomadic people in northwestern China.
Name two valuable products that came from each of the following regions: China,
Central Asia, India, Egypt/Arabia/Persia, and Rome
China: silk, dishware, jewelry, cast-iron products, and decorative boxes. Central Asia: horses better suited for war, jade, furs, and gold. India: cotton, spices, pearls, and ivory. Egypt/Arabia/Persia: perfumes, cosmetics, and carpets. Rome: glassware, gold, and asbestos.
What was China's most valuable trade good? Why? Why was it the perfect
trading good? What product that was new to the Chinese did the Romans trade?
silk was China's most valuable trade good because, at first, the Chinese were the only people who knew how to make it. Silk was the perfect trading good because it was light and valuable. A Roman trading product that was new to the Chinese was glassware.
What were some dangers of traveling the eastern and western parts of the Silk Road? Provide at least 2 examples for each part.
On the Eastern Silk Road, travelers had to face bandits trying to steal goods, brave sandstorms that sometime buried travelers in sand, and avoid mirages that lured them off their paths. On the Western Silk Road, travelers had to move through difficult passes with a lack of oxygen high in the mountains. There were also various animals and insects that threatened their safety such as tigers, lions, scorpions, and flies.
What is a caravan? Why did people use them when traveling the Silk Road?
A caravan is a group of people traveling together. Travelers used caravans to protect themselves from the desert's dangers.
Who is Zhang Qian? Why is he called the Father of the Silk Road? What three things did he bring back to China from his journeys?
Zhang Qian is a Chinese explorer. He is often called the Father of the Silk Road because his travels opened the way for trade between China and its western neighbors. The three things that he brought back to China were more powerful horses, grapes, and cultural knowledge of such places a Persia, Syria, India, and Rome
Why did the Roman emperor forbid men from wearing silk?
He believed that buying silk was taking too much of the empire's gold.
How did the Silk Road affect the spread of Buddhism from India to China?
Buddhism originated in India, but because the Silk Road passed through many different nations, religious travelers using the route shared their teachings. When some Chinese Buddhists journeyed on foot across Central Asia to India to learn more about their new religion, they returned to China with copies of sacred Buddhist texts.
How were goods transported after they reached Antioch? Where were they sent?
After they reached Antioch, many goods were transported by ship throughout the Mediterranean world, including Rome.
What are two foods or products that both China and the West learned about as a result of trade on the Silk Road? Provide at least two examples in your answer.
China: grapes, cucumbers, figs, pomegranates, walnuts, chives, sesame, and coriander. The West: roses, azaleas, chrysanthemums, peonies, camellias, oranges, pears, and peaches
What is cultural diffusion? Provide at least two examples in your answer.
The spreading of cultural traits, such as goods and ideas, from one culture to another, or within one culture.